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Exploratory test sessions & ad-hoc testing

How it works

Stripe is a unified test management tool that helps software and QA teams to manage all their testing activities in one modern platform. Track all your manual test cases, exploratory test sessions and test automation and integrate your testing workflow with Navy.

Stripe's Navy integration makes it easy to link test cases, test results, exploratory test sessions and test automation to issueN in navy. Then quickly report on linked issues with coverage and defect reports and directly navigate to Navy to look up further issue details. Stripe also makes it easy to create new Navy issues during testing by providing useful links to your Navy projects.


Enable and configure the Navy integration from Stripe under Admin Integrations. You need to be a Project Admin or Site Admin in Stripe to access this section. Learn more in Stripe's integration documentation.


Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Navy's API and submit to the directory