Drive More Customer
with API-powered Promotions and
Loyalty Platform

Create campaigns for personalized promotions and build omnichannel customer experience.

Our solutions

Unlimited ways to Customize and Personalize coupons.

Run campaigns offering coupons that are personalized & targeted to the interests of each customer.
Create & track dynamic promotional coupons to gather insight on usage and reduce the cost of promotional marketing.

Coupon promotions allow you to use coupons as a means of achieving your goals, such as attracting new customers, growing mailing lists, increasing average order value of sales, promoting products, or rewarding your loyal customers.

Coupon Code for Discount Type:

  • Dollar amount off the order total
  • Dollar amount off the shipping total
  • Free shipping
  • Percentage off each item in the order
  • Dollar amount off the shipping total

Data-driven & automatic Promotional discount.

Automated Promotional discount applies immediately when your customer qualifies for the promotion and enters the cart or checkout. This allows you to automatically add a free gift with a purchase or automatically discount prices, so your customers are incentivized to check out and convert.

Promotion Type:

    Shipping Discount
  • Order at least X units of product Y, get free shipping to specific shipping zones
  • Orders totaling more than amount, get free shipping to specific shipping zones

  • Product Discount
  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy one get something else free
  • Buy (X units) of Product A, get (Y units) of Product B for amount or % off per unit
  • Apply an amount or % off to Product X

  • Category Discount
  • Apply an amount or % discount to each item in one or more categories
  • Buy X units in (Category A), get Y additional units in the same category free (must be of equal or lesser value)
  • Apply a tiered discount to applicable products based on the quantity of items ordered within one or more categories

  • Order Discount
  • Spend at least the specified amount, apply an amount or % discount to the order subtotal
  • Spend at least the specified amount, get one unit of Product Y for an amount or % off
  • Spend at least the specified amount, get Y% off (one or all) unit(s) of the (least or most) expensive item(s) in the cart.

  • Brand Discount
  • Apply an amount or % discount to each item in one or more brands

  • Customer Discount
  • Discount amount for repeat customersX% discount for repeat customers

Customer engagement keeps your customers coming back.

Boost Sales with our fully integrated digital reward program. Growth is good, but retention is forever. With campaigns that make your existing customers stay with you and spend more, you will be able to forge a strong relationship with your customers.

Create different types of multi-currency loyalty and reward program:

  • Point Program
  • Spend Program
  • VIP Tiered Program
  • Paid Program
  • Cash Back Program
  • Partnered Program
  • Game Program
  • Hybrid Loyalty Programs

With 99minds Customer engagement platform, you can quickly and effectively connect customers on omnichannel.

  • SMS/Text
  • In-App
  • Web Push
  • Email
  • Mobile-Push
  • Web Overlay

Referrals that helps growth marketer to drive conversions.

Design referral messages that highlight your brand with images, graphics, and illustrations that persuade your brand advocates to share with others.

Referral Customer Journey:

Referrals that helps growth marketer to drive conversions.

Design referral messages that highlight your brand with images, graphics, and illustrations that persuade your brand advocates to share with others.

Referral Customer Journey:

Give reasons for your customers to add more products to their cart.

Use creative ways to increase the size of the shopping cart of your customers with bundling.

    Dynamic bundling
  • Use a clever combination of products to make the customer buy more. A win-win for everyone involved.

  • Automatic bundling
  • Do not have to write hundreds of lines of coding to set up a bundle of offers for your customers.

  • Increase your sales
  • With notifications to your customers on how bundled products can save money, increase your bottom line with ease.

  • Flexible options
  • Free items, holiday campaigns, related items, service as a bundle, same series of products- bundle your offers any way you want.

Delight your customers with campaigns which reward them for being at the right place.

Design location-specific promotions and can vary depending on the locations, including the ability to send it to different segments of customers.

    Market expansion
  • Target your audience when they are near your store in a way where they end up making a sale, which would not have been possible without geofencing.

  • Unique campaigns
  • Create a personalized experience to your customers using your mobile app by giving them reasons to drop into your store.

Boost Sales and bring in new customers.

Start selling gift cards in a few clicks and let customers introduce your business to their friends and family.

    Digital eGift Cards
  • Instantly set up and sell eGift Cards online

  • Starter Packs
  • Choose your favorite from fun designs

  • Quick and Custom Cards
  • Add your picture, video and design custom card

  • Comprehensive B2B Capabilities
  • B2B program—from B2B buyer registration and discount management through API,ordering, approval, payment, and delivery.

Level up your customer loyalty program's
success with gamification

Gamify, educate, and personalize your rewards.

    Add fun elements
  • With gamification, you can make your customers enjoy the process. They can even
    be competitive and compete with others, which adds an element of fun to it.

  • Offers a unique experience
  • When your customers engage with your brand using gamification, they will be transported
    to a completely different place. They'll get pretty good perks based on their gaming ability
    and competitiveness.

  • Delights customers
  • With gamification, you can completely change the way your customers feel about
    being a part of customer loyalty programs.

  • Variety of options
  • 99minds' gamification options are one too many. Find the right gamification strategy
    and offer rewards that will keep the interest of your customers alive.

  • Beyond transactions
  • Give your customers the opportunity to be a part of innovative challenges where
    they need to unlock levels to go higher up the rewards ladder.

Plug & Play

Integrated with a wide range of applications and platforms
to open the door to new possibilities.

99minds is an all-encompassing solution to
engagement, acquisition, and retention.

99minds platform enables you to create coupons, gift cards, discounts, sends out referrals, builds loyalty programs, and location-based promotions for your customers. The best part about 99minds is easy-to-use, plug-&-play, cost-effective marketing platform that empowers a marketing team to create campaigns to personalized promotions & build omnichannel customer experience.