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10 Mother’s Day Ideas to Implement in Your Retail Business

Mother’s day is only a few weeks away. While it doesn’t hold the same weight like Christmas or New Year, it has its own charm and is a great time for retailers. If you have an eCommerce store or a retail shop, it would not be wise to ignore the day. You should be able.

Mother’s day is only a few weeks away. While it doesn’t hold the same weight like Christmas or New Year, it has its own charm and is a great time for retailers. If you have an eCommerce store or a retail shop, it would not be wise to ignore the day.

You should be able to come up with a lot of marketing campaigns for Mother’s day to get the most from it. If you are not able to conjure a few clever ideas, here are a few from the house of 99minds, we are sure these will help you.

Use your email list

The first thing that you should do is to tell your present customers, many of whom will also be your newsletter subscribers, about your Mother’s day offers. The first rule when it comes to marketing is to let people know that you exist in the first place.

Create an email marketing campaign to tell your customers that you have special offers or contests that are going on for Mother’s day. There are different types of content that you could write for it even if there are no contests/offers.

Mother’s day gifting guide

Believe it or not, most of your customers are going to have a difficult time to find a gift for their mothers. Why? Because getting the right gift is important and there is a lot of societal pressure to find the right one.

Here’s how you can help your customers- create a Mother’s day gifting guide. Using the products that you have in your store, create a gifting guide that also provides detailed information about each of them. Ensure that the guide can be filtered according to someone’s budget, product category, and so on.

Get feedback from customers

One of the best things that you can do to increase the effectiveness of your Mother’s day campaign is to ask your customers what they want. Let’s say you have a close knit clientele, assuming you are a small business, you can ask them if they would like to have a special product line that they want created for Mother’s day. You can make your customers pre-order the item so that you don’t have to end up making more.

If you cannot afford to personalize each item or create a new product line, you can just send online surveys where you ask for suggestions.

Create products for upsells and cross-sells

Like most businesses, you should find more ways to upsell and cross-sell to your customers. This will easily increase the transaction value of each customer when they make a purchase. Create special products for the Mother’s day occasion which can be a part of the sale on the special day. If your customer is buying a cosmetic product, then you can try to upsell or cross-sell items that are in the same niche.

Offer extra perks

Sure, Mother’s day is a special occasion for retailers as well as customers who are planning to buy something for their mothers or someone who they consider as a mother. Retailers have the responsibility of making the occasion special for its customers by offering discounts and perks to make shopping with you worth their while. Some of the other perks that you could include can be free returns and free exchanges- hassle free at that. For online eCommerce stores, you can offer them free shipping and promise that you will get the products delivered in the shortest time possible.

Use social proof

All of us are social animals. We are more likely to be swayed by the words of someone we know than an ad that we see on the television. That’s exactly why social proof works big time when it comes to convincing your customers to make the decision of buying from you. Social proof builds credibility in the eyes of the customer and they will get to know that they will not have to worry about getting the short end of the stick when buying from you.

Leverage social media

We cannot insist more on the power of using social media for your Mother’s day marketing campaigns. Your prospective customers will be camping on social networking sites and all you need to do is to be present in front of them with the right offer. You can share the gifting guide that you created for Mother’s day on different social media sites and even grow a following for your handles.

Partner with other stores

You should partner with other businesses in the same area as yours. For example, for every product that your customers buy, they can also give coupons for free massages from the spa near you or offer them coupons from the nearest store. Partnering with other stores should be beneficial for both the parties involved. Talk to the stores that you want to partner with and make sure that they will also be immensely benefited because of this. It cannot be a one-way relationship.

Experiential shopping

People love having unique experiences when they are shopping. Your customers will love it if you could make their Mother’s day shopping an experience in itself. You do not have to move the moon to get things rolling. Even something as simple as a game in your retail store can make all the difference. Come up with anything that could be deemed ‘different and fun’, you will be able to find a marked improvement in your sales.

Gift cards

Create Mother’s day themed gift cards and use them to market the day’s offer. Ensure that you spend time on getting the designs and the copy perfect. Even those who are not planning to buy anything on Mother’s day should think of getting your gift cards as a souvenir because they are that attractive. Gift cards are also a great way to get cash upfront without even having to sell anything.

Since gift cards offer the option of getting anything from the store, it reduces the stress for the one who buys the gift card and gives the freedom for the recipient to buy what they want.

Bonus idea:

Leverage User Generated Content (UGC):

Do you want more people to notice you for your Mother’s day sales? Here’s an easy way to do it- include your customers in your marketing campaigns. How? Ask your customers to send pictures of them using your products. If it’s a piece of jewelry, then ask them to send it while wearing them. If it’s a vacuum cleaner, they can send a video of them cleaning their house. You get the point, right?


Retailers, both online and offline, Mother’s day is a great time for you to see a lot of moolah. All you have to do is to adequately market the offers that you have on this day. Make sure that you run the right kind of promotions. The 10 ideas that we have listed in the article are great ones which will surely increase the ‘footfalls’ in your offline store or website.

If you want to ensure that the customers who land on your doorstep on Mother’s day should keep coming again, you can make use of loyalty programs. 99minds is an online loyalty program software that helps businesses by setting up loyalty programs, referral programs as well as gift cards. Let us know what you are looking for and we will tell you how exactly we will be able to help your business.