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Our FREE plan comes with 50 transactions, 1 Campaign, 1 Integration and $0.5 per additional transaction.

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  • If you need to add new members, you can do that. The amount charged per new user will be the same for the other members included in your plan.

  • The contracts can be monthly or yearly. You can start/stop or make changes to your plan any time you want – however, we won't give refunds for cancellation or plan downgrades.

  • 99minds is designed to be simple and easy, allowing anyone to configure their own processes and workflows. However, in large and complex operations some companies like to have the support of our professional consultants – in this case we can recommend companies that offer those services.

  • Keeping your data secure is a top priority at 99minds. Review our security protocols and how your business and customer data will be protected in our security whitepaper.

  • Yes. There are 4 ways to integrate 99minds with your favorite tools:
    1. Custom Integrations with any software you need. Request a quote here.
    2. Native Integrations with Bigcommerce, Shopify, Heartland, Vend, Hike, Retail Pro, Retail Pro Prism, SquareUp POS, Miva, and many more.
    3. Via API
    4. Via Zapier

  • There are the different types of transactions on 99minds which are counted towards your billing. Each plan on 99minds has a fixed set of free monthly transactions. Any usage above that, in a calendar month, is charged extra depending on the Per transaction rate defined for each plan.

  • Transaction
    Gift Card Creation, Activation, Deactivation, Block, Redemption, Reload, Extend Expiry,
    Imported, Issued, Amount Loaded, Refund, Vaid
    Loyalty Credit, Debit, Expired
    Store Credit Credit, Debit, Expired
    Referrals Redeem
    VIP Tiers Upgrade, Downgrade
    Coupons 0.1 x Creation, Redemption
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