6 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

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Mother’s day is a special occasion, but it is also a source of stress for customers to find the right gift. People are looking for gift ideas to give their mothers or the motherly figure in their lives on this special occasion. Retailers will have a field day if they use the occasion to their benefit.

Here are some marketing ideas for eCommerce businesses to get more footfalls and sales on Mother’s day:

Have a special Mother’s day contest

The best way to increase sales on this special occasion is to add a special offer or hold a contest for this particular day. Your prospective customers who were hoping to buy your products someday would use this as the necessary push to buy from you by using the Mother’s day offer as an excuse. It will also encourage the Mother’s day shoppers to choose your store if your offer on this day would provide something special for them.

Start talking about the giveaway or the Mother’s day offer much earlier. Share details about it in your email newsletters, social media handles, and on your website or as signage outside the store. Ensure that there is zero entry barrier to be eligible to become a part of the contest. Choose prizes that will have something meaningful for the customers of the day and use your participants also to spread the word about it.

Create a gifting guide

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, gift buying is a complex affair. It can be frustrating for someone who is not an expert at it. So here’s what an eCommerce store can do- create a Mother’s day gifting guide. Ensure that each of the products mentioned in the guide is available in your store.

For those who are interested, they can easily go through the guide and choose a product of their liking. The fact that the product listed on the guide is slated as a Mother’s day gift reduces the time they take to validate if the gift is an appropriate one or not for the occasion.

Leverage social media

Your entire customer base will be available on different social media sites. It is easily the best channel that you can use to reach out to your customers. Use your social media handles and start posting about your Mother’s day offers as early as possible.

Create enough interest among your audience to click on your site. One mantra that works well is to be there consistently. If you were planning to post one picture of your Mother’s day offer with the hope that it will bring in thousands of organic visitors, you couldn’t be more naive.

The ability to increase social media clout depends on a lot of factors. It includes the kind of copy you write, the picture you use, and the frequency you post. There is so much demand for customers’ attention that even they find it challenging to maintain their attention on a single brand. The only way you can stand out from your competitors during this occasion is to create a compelling offer that piques their interest.

Create specific content for Mother’s day

Businesses know the importance of content marketing but get it wrong when it comes to writing down the words. To make your Mother’s day campaign a huge success, you need to create a content calendar to attract the right audience. It would be best to prepare the content calendar for Mother’s day at least 20 days before the occasion. In this way, you have ample time to win over their attention.

Create different content types, starting from blog posts, infographics, videos, how-to tutorials, and so on. Consuming this content daily will bring your customers closer to your brand.

You do not even have to create content where your only intention is to make sales. Your content can be anything from DIY gift options that a customer can make themselves to food recipes that you can use to cook for your Mother. The content has to be around Mother’s Day.

Even if your visitors don’t turn into customers on Mother’s day, they will now have a much better understanding of your brand. You are closer to making them a customer in the future than they were to become one before your Mother’s day campaign.

Use gift cards

Gift cards are one of the best options to offer to customers who are confused with what to buy for their mothers on this occasion. When you offer them a gift card, the onus of finding the right gift goes off for them. It is also a convenient option for both the customer and their recipient. They can choose a product that is more likely to be of use for them.

Use the services of a gift card company to help set up this option for your brand. Your customers will be delighted if your store is a favorite of their Mothers as it will reduce their hassle and keep their recipients happy. It is a double-whammy!

You can even make Mother’s day themed gift cards; it will only add charisma to your marketing campaign. People will indeed talk about the Mother’s day gift card and even think of using it as a souvenir. If creating personalized Mother’s day gift cards is something your resources allow for, you should certainly not miss the opportunity.

Personalized gifts

Your customers are more likely to be fascinated by a personalized product than one that is factory-made. Everyone loves personalized gifts, all the more so when it is for someone special. Especially for an occasion like Mother’s day, there are plenty of opportunities to personalize your offering. We do understand that offering personalization is not possible for all products, but if it is something that your business can do, you should certainly do it.

If the store already has Mother’s day products, then find out if it is possible to make some of these products customizable according to requirements. You can charge a premium for this service too. Add a limited edition product exclusively for Mother’s day, which can be personalized, and market it as much as possible.


For retailers, Mother’s day is as good as any festival that brings many shoppers to your store. People are trying to make their family members happy and appreciated during these uncertain times. eCommerce stores can play a special part in spreading happiness by coming up with products and offers that will appeal to their customers.

If you are looking to add gift cards as a part of your marketing strategy, we would suggest you get in touch with 99minds. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it would be wise to do everything possible to make your marketing campaigns a grand success.