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Best Mother’s Day Gift cards 2021

A beautiful thing about gift cards is that you don't have to be right; you don't have to pick a blouse in the right style, a pillow in the perfect color, or a new sweater in the proper sizing. You can buy your mom a gift card and let her make all of those decisions.

A beautiful thing about gift cards is that you don’t have to be right; you don’t have to pick a blouse in the right style, a pillow in the perfect color, or a new sweater in the proper sizing. You can buy your mom a gift card and let her make all of those decisions for herself.

If you’re not sure which gift card to buy for your mom, then take a look at the below list:

Bobbles & Lace

The 14-year old Massachusetts-based company has more than 7 retail stores and has a strong online presence. Bobbles & Lace goes out of its way to create modern and affordable fashion products for its clientele. Their women-only team hopes to inspire women of all ages and shapes. Take a look at some of their products and offer their gift card for your mother to enjoy the Bobbles & Lace experience.


Known for its bedding, clothing and bath goods that is specially made from sustainable bamboo, Cariloha is a world-renowned brand. They have been in operation since 2007 and have an attractive collection of apparel, activewear, bath goods, and bedding that is made from clean and green bamboo. They have a strong online presence and are also available offline in more than 17 countries. Offer the goodness of bamboo with Cariloha’s gift cards powered by 99minds.

Cutter Buck

The Seattle-based company is more than three decades old. They started their operations by creating sportswear, mainly for the golf course. Today, Cutter & Buck are official partners with the NFL, NCAA, MLB, PGA of America, USGA, PGA TOUR and USTA. You can take a look at their gift card that is powered by 99minds.

Miracle of Aloe

Founded in early 1981, Miracle of Aloe started as a family-run business, but it has become a force to reckon with for its aloe vera products. From facials to foot care, Miracle of Aloe has more than fifty different products. The philosophy of Miracle of Aloe is all about creating awareness regarding the healing powers of this precious plant among its clientele. You might want to check out their gift card and buy their products to take care of you and your family, especially your mom. Make her feel like a million dollars!


Gone are the times when companies could push mass-made lotions and creams to protect and nourish your sensitive skin. Skinprint provides skincare services as a personalized science. The 20-plus year old brand’s sole mission is to tailor intelligent and personalized skincare solutions for every individual. Skinprint uses biocompatible products and is a firm believer of cruelty-free testing and sustainable manufacturing. Their patented skincare formulation is what helps them to deliver effective skincare products. You might want to check out their giftcard to send their products as a gift to your mother.

Hawaii Coffee Company

They are a sister brand of LION coffee, which is one of America’s oldest major coffee companies, which dates back to as early as 1864. Hawaii Coffee Company is known for the royal standards it keeps, in terms of its packaging, beans, roasting, and so on. From flavored coffee to gourmet coffee, every type of coffee is available with the good folks at Hawaii Coffee Company. Check out their gift cards and make your mom enjoy some of the best coffee in the world.

Anchored Northwest

Anchored Northwest is the Pacific Northwest’s premier creator of wood wick, and are made of 100% soy candles. Started in 2019 by a couple, their products are available in more than 500 locations across 48 states in the US, including Canada. Their wax candles are hand-poured and made with real-ingredients and skin-safe fragrance oils. They have a strong online presence and you can get their gift cards to make an impression on your mother.


Their passion and driving force is to improve the lives of athletes using natural ingredients. They have a community of farmers who make their world-renowned hemp to create products such as salve sticks, bath salts, cream, and more. The Portland-based founding team believes in inclusivity and athlete health improvement at the core of everything that it does. Check out their gift card options and see how your mom can benefit from it.

Holiday Wine Cellar

The family-owned business has been in operation since 1965 and specializes in import and domestic wines, craft beers and spirits across the world. They have in-house experts who know their bourbon, tequila, wine, and whatnot. You can get their gift cards and leave with the promise of a good time.

Blair Ritchey

These are hand-made handbags and accessories that are made in the Cleveland studio of Blair Ritchey. Every Blair Ritchey handbag is unique and personal, which is something that its creator strives to achieve. Check out their gift cards powered by 99minds.


The mission of Posh & Sass is to make clothing available for anyone no matter their size. They believe in ‘Style for Every Body.’ While they offer clothes of all sizes, they want to make sure that there is a huge collection of styles for curvy ladies. Why? Because they believe that the clothes that plus-sized women find in the market have only limited styles or are too expensive. Check out their gift cards that are powered by 99minds.

Lee & Birch

They offer high-quality clothing and accessories that will satisfy the needs of those who are looking for a classic style or even a modern one. The 13-year old company has more than four retail stores and also an online presence that provides an experience which is as good as walking into their showroom. The clothing and accessories at Lee & Birch are handpicked from various places across the country. Give your loved ones the goodness of Lee & Birch by giving them a gift card.

Model No

Model No has made a dent in the furniture industry in the US by providing customizable and sustainable products that are affordable. Their furnishings are sourced from sustainably sourced materials and also use technologies like 3D printing which are eco-friendly. With the help of 3D printing, you will be able to customize your product with ease and your made-to-order will land on your doorstep within a few weeks. Use their gift card and buy a furniture product for your mother on this special occasion.

Plant Addicts

Started in 2017, they provide high-quality plants directly to their customer’s homes. The Nebraska-based business is the idea of two lifelong friends who want to spread their love for plants to each of their customers. Check out Plant Addicts gift cards powered by 99minds.

Shire Plants

The UK-based Shire Plants sell only home-grown plants and only use traditional methods that nurseries have been using for a long time. They count The National Trust, Royal Horticultural Society and some large private estates as their customers. The family-run plant nursery even promises to grow plants especially for you, if you want a large number of plants and “are not in a big hurry.” Send Shire Plants’ gift cards to your loved ones.

Lime Lush Boutique

The online clothing and accessories store offers everything from dresses, footwears to swimming attire. If you are looking for fashionable and comfortable women’s clothing from an online boutique, Lime Lush is your answer. The Utah-based clothing store curates top quality tops and dresses that would bode well for the free-spirited. Check out their gift cards to offer to a special someone.


On this year’s Mother’s day, like most people, you would find it difficult to get the right gift. Above are some options that you might want to try to make your mother feel special, loved and appreciated.