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Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales This Year

It's starting to feel like Christmas... That means you should start planning your Christmas marketing initiatives now. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the official start of the holiday season. Now, how are you going to engage your audience in the month building up to the December holidays? Christmas is without a doubt the most

It’s starting to feel like Christmas…

That means you should start planning your Christmas marketing initiatives now. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the official start of the holiday season. Now, how are you going to engage your audience in the month building up to the December holidays?

Christmas is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year. Given the numerous holiday advertising that consumers are bombarded with, it can be difficult to attract their attention. This article is for you if you’re wondering how you’ll stand out throughout the holidays. Connect with your audience this season through interactive events and strengthen your relationships! This holiday season, 99minds presents you top 10 Christmas marketing ideas to help you increase sales and collect consumer data.

  • Define your objectives and make a plan to achieve them.

Goals are what propel us forward; they keep us learning, growing, and improving. Your brand will not see higher sales throughout the holiday season if you don’t set clear goals. Your ecommerce marketing strategies will be ineffective.

Set S.M.A.R.T. objectives.

The term S.M.A.R.T. stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. An illustration of how the notion works is as follows:

Your objective is to increase sales.

Your S.M.A.R.T aim is to enhance overall gross profits from October to December 2021 over the same period in 2020.

It’s time to work out how to attain your S.M.A.R.T goals now that you’ve written them down. If all you want to do is increase sales, that’s wonderful, but how are you going to do it?

There are a variety of options.

Increasing your conversion rate could be one strategy to accomplish so. Another option is to become more active on social media. It could be collaborating with an influencer. Whatever method you choose to achieve your objectives, be sure it is compatible with your S.M.A.R.T objectives.

  • Begin on Halloween.

The holiday shopping floodgates appear to open just after Halloween.

Even those who do not live in the United States are aware of the impact that Halloween has. Many companies in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia are now taking advantage of this break. Continuing the Halloween frenzy into the holiday season is a fantastic Christmas marketing strategy.

Encourage consumers who bought from you during Halloween to come back to you for their Christmas shopping. Make use of the Halloween excitement to promote any upcoming specials in the run-up to Christmas.

If you use Halloween imagery a week after the holiday has passed, you’ll be able to stand out from your competitors who have moved on to Christmas-themed promotions!

  • Make a profit by selling Christmas gift cards.

Gift cards might be a good option for people who aren’t sure what to get as a gift. Make sure you offer gift cards for sale at your store to assist these customers.

Gift cards are the simplest way to increase sales. When you provide gift cards at your e-store, you encourage customers to spend more, which leads to greater sales and revenue. Through their gift card programmes, third-party services such as 99minds ensure that your clients are satisfied.

  • Hold a contest with a Christmas theme.

Hosting a Christmas-themed contest is a great Christmas marketing idea that will never go to waste. Your brand awareness will spread like wildfire if properly implemented.

You may hold a contest and invite your customers to submit images of themselves wearing your brand’s items or a video of them singing Christmas carols. This will entice people to interact with your brand more.

Customers will be enticed to join enthusiastically as a result of this. You should try to submit such entries on your social media platforms with care and consideration for the season’s tone. Not only will this increase Christmas sales, but it will also create free publicity.

  • Make Christmas-themed packaging.

Toblerone increased sales in 2016 simply by substituting the brand name on its box with the words “Ho Ho Ho.” Given Toblerone’s life-changing experience, small firms should embrace this Christmas marketing plan.

Any goods may be transformed into a present by using Christmas-themed packaging. You may attract clients by providing a free gift-wrapping service during the holidays, and they will enjoy it.

Everyone enjoys taking advantage of free services. All of your items will have a festive feel thanks to the Christmas packaging. It will also increase the likelihood of revenue and sales growth.

  • Form a partnership with another small firm.

What is your level of familiarity with your user? Do you know of any other issues that all of your clients face?

If you sell high-end tea, for example, it’s evident that your consumers will also require a teapot. In this case, you may broaden your appeal by collaborating with a maker of handcrafted teapots and selling your tea alongside theirs, and vice versa.

This festive business idea can help your company reach a new audience in the New Year!

  • Set a deadline for last-minute purchases.

With so many postage deadlines this time of year, efficiency is key in the run-up to Christmas. If they haven’t purchased from you by December 20th, your slower buyers will feel the pinch. If you’re based in Los Angeles, your package will reach a customer in San Francisco in no time. However, if you have a consumer in Bucharest, Romania, and you’re shipping to them from Los Angeles, it will take longer.

It’s critical to make the cutoff dates for delivery in specific locations clear for this purpose.

  • Email marketing.

Any e-commerce firm, as well as brick and mortar retail stores, must use email marketing.

Consider employing email marketing to push your email list to already existing promotional activities throughout the Christmas season. Send an email to your list promoting your new interactive digital catalogue, for example. Send out an email announcing your flash sale and direct all traffic to your Instagram page, where you’ve posted the discount code.

Remember to change any images used in your holiday email marketing to indicate you’re fully immersed in the holiday spirit!

  • Stocking stuffers and impulse purchases should be thoughtfully placed.

During the holiday season, the majority of your sales will almost certainly be from people purchasing gifts for others. And there’s a good possibility that person has more than one person to shop for. When you consider that the majority of consumers conduct their Christmas shopping online because it’s “convenient,” your “stocking filler” items become even more crucial!

This is where your ecommerce store’s UX and UI can make a big difference.

Consider putting some of your less expensive items in sections of your website where customers may quickly and easily add them to their shopping basket.

After someone has added a product to their cart, for example, add a ‘people also bought’ or ‘you may also like’ element to the page’s bottom. If you’re selling shoes, consider including a basic pair of socks or a shoe cleaner in the package to boost average cart spend.

  • Your Christmas marketing friends are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The importance of these two days in the worlds of retail and e-commerce is self-evident. These are two days, among many others, that you might use to your advantage.

Make the most of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing effort to increase awareness of your business and your holiday marketing campaign.

Of course, you can give the same steep discounts as everyone else, but providing value to each purchase will set you apart.

Do the following to entice Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers back for Christmas:

  • Offer a one-time-use discount that is good for the rest of the year.
  • For free, include a stocking filler item.
  • Offer free shipping and returns.
  • Include a guarantee or extended warranty.

You may boost your sales by participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can also use these opportunities to build an email list in the run-up to the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

This is the season to experience and spread the Christmas enchantment in everyone’s life. Be cheerful and endeavour to brighten others’ lives through your employment. However, you must keep in mind that you are a marketer, and you must focus on techniques that will put you ahead of your competition. As a result, we’ve shared some Christmas eCommerce ideas that will aid eCommerce businesses in increasing sales. These pointers will also assist you in strategizing your New Year’s sales strategy.