Father’s Day Ecommerce Facts You Need to Know

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Amazon, Alibaba, … We know all these companies have gained rapid growth and popularity in recent years. And also are aware of the global expansion of the eCommerce industry. During the holiday season, these eCommerce businesses own a larger portion of the overall industry profitability.

Again for upcoming Father’s Day, when asked 40% of consumers would like to shop for Father’s Day gifts online, while 34% intend to shop at department shops.

In the recent report of NRF, it has been predicted that on this Father’s Day people will spend $20 billion which is near to last year’s record-breaking spending.

Just reminding you that the world’s richest man is the owner of an eCommerce company; here are a few smart ideas and some facts to know if you want a bigger slice of the $20 billion pie:


“Despite rising inflation fears, shoppers plan to spend roughly the same amount on Father’s Day as they did last year,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

As per research from the National Retail Federation, the average buyer spending this year would be near $171.

The predicted $21 billion spent on Father’s Day this year includes $3.77 billion for special outings, $3.11 billion for clothing, $2.69 billion for gift cards, and $2.25 billion for electronics.


It is best to begin your event promotional efforts as soon as possible. The four weeks leading up to Father’s Day are the busiest for consumers looking for the perfect present.

According to surveys, more than 53% of consumers demand presents a month earlier, highlighting the importance for online shops to start marketing their offers and promotions ahead of this Father’s Day holiday.

Make sure to start running deals and promos ahead of time to take advantage of the early shoppers.


Everyone enjoys a good product at a sweet price. When asked customers about what is the thing that influences their buying decision – 44% told that it’s a gift that is unique or different and 36 percent said coupons.

In addition, 50% of mobile users will study and compare costs while looking for digital coupons and gift cards that they may use to save money on Father’s Day.

So, discounts and gift cards play a key role in Father’s Day sales. Prepare to develop e-coupons and e-gift cards so they can add to the profit of your online store.


The study discovered that buyers are using social media to shop for the best discounts and that e-retailers should offer more shipping options. In fact, 84% of online customers use at least one social media site to receive a discount or offer.

  • Think about generating a unique hashtag for your company’s Father’s Day promotions.
  • Hold a social media contest on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Have your customers upload images of themselves celebrating their purchase from your brand.
  • Hold a contest where your customers just post pictures of themselves celebrating Father’s Day with their fathers.
  • A gift card, company items, or a discount on a future purchase are all possibilities for the winner.

When we observe these Father’s Day sales techniques, we can see that ads are more successful when they consider the variety of the audience, follow trends, elicit emotions from the audience, and contribute to public issues.


You’ll need to test the performance of your website before Father’s Day to be sure it can manage the extra traffic. To avoid losing customers, you’ll also want to make sure your site loads quickly.

To test the speed of your website, use a service like Pingdom Tools. Load Impact is another tool you can use to see how your website handles visitors.

If you’re getting bad results, it’s time to improve your website or hosting plan.


Cart abandonment can be caused by a lengthy and confusing checkout process. Take some time before Father’s Day to enhance your checkout page.

Try reducing the steps required to complete the process onto a single page.

  • Add a progress indicator –

A progress indicator at the top of the page should certainly display how many actions remain in the checkout.

  • Enable guests to check out –

During the holiday season, allow guest checkout to ensure that no customers leave your site since they can’t complete their purchase without registering an account.

  • Alternative payment options should be included –

As credit cards are the most usual way of payment, include options like Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet, or even Bitcoin to facilitate customers who are hesitant to give up their credit card details.

And again a few simple actions you should do to make the most of Father’s Day:

  • Free Shipping During the Season –

Free delivery will contribute significantly since more than 75% of customers are affected when free shipping is available.

  • Send an e-Gift Card –

Send a humble gift from your can to encourage them to visit your website and use the Gift Card to make a purchase.

  • Send Email Reminders –

When targeted and segmented, personalized father’s day emails are 26 percent more likely to be viewed and have the potential to create a 750 percent ROI gain.

  • Offer Package Deals –

In some cases, a package deal is all that’s needed to close the deal. To increase sales, consider packaging gifts that provide an even more interesting and exceptional value proposition.

Offer Free Gift Wrapping, Shipping & Returns – Personalized packaging is popular with customers, who like the “unboxing effect” while receiving goods. it’ll make your Father’s Day gifts truly glow.