Father’s Day retail promotion ideas

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A great chance to grow your retail shop is to promote it with the ongoing trend or the festival. The upcoming trend – FATHER’S DAY – is just around the corner. As per NRF, people are expected to spend $20 billion this year. I don’t know about children but dads must be eagerly waiting for this day.

These eagerness, surprises, gifts, and celebrations – get involved in this atmosphere and this will benefit your business greatly. If you want your customers to promote your business – tune in with their emotions and give them what they desire even before they ask you.

But, impressing Fathers might be a difficult task because what can you gift the father who has everything?

Still, you can help people in expressing their love for their father by following a few tips, and they will promote your store in return:

Discount on dad’s stuff…

Maximum customers would visit you to buy something for their Fathers so you’d obviously not give discounts on items popular with girls on Father’s Day.

Do your homework and find out what fathers actually love. Give discounts on those products and create a special space in your store for fathers’ special. Create combos and various deals in different categories.

Keep in mind that the top Father’s Day gift includes special outings, clothes, gift cards, electronics, and categories like tools, appliances, the house, and the garden.

Guide your customers…

Everyone is not a good decision-maker, and some people are unsure what to get their father even at the last minute. So you can help them with your Father’s Day gifts guide.

And suggest them to customers. It’d get really easy for them to choose something that their father would love. Working on creating a gift basket is one option.

A basket or a dad kit that includes various personal care goods. Put your items into multiple gift categories for optimum results.

Also, Focus on display…

Put these dad’s stuff where it’s most visible. For example, if you have a clothing store, give a discount on men’s shirts or any other category related to Fathers and display them at the entrance.

Uniqueness is on Demand…

When customers were asked about how they choose a Father’s Day gift! The majority (41%) of them said that they’d buy a gift that’s unique and different. So keep exceptional products of your brand and customize them in a fathers day theme.

You can also make a normal product special by adding a hearty message or picture to it. Like you can put a father’s quote on it or something that shows father and children bonding.

A small gift from you …

If a consumer purchases a specific father’s day item, you can reward them with a small gift. That may be a signature product or anything else that would look great with your brand’s logo on it.

For example, a restaurant may give its signature dessert as a gift to fathers in attractive packaging featuring the business’s name.

Email Marketing …..

yes there is Email Marketing because once WhatsApp can be uninstalled but there is an email app on everybody’s mobile. Many would find it boring but it is the most powerful tool for marketing and promotion.

Send a Father’s Day-themed email with matching men’s and boys’ clothing styles to promote the “like father, like son” idea. Run a Father’s Day special in which customers can buy a men’s shirt and get a 50% discount on a boy’s shirt.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the fourth most popular present for father’s day, it has been in high demand for the past few years. And if you don’t sell anything related to men and fathers, gift cards are the best option for you to take advantage of this season.

Order a few Father’s Day gift cards and place them in prime areas within your shop, like the service counter.

Consider rewarding customers with extra points or money for buying specific items if you have a loyalty program.

Use humor

Humor has the ability to connect with everybody, regardless of where they live, their race, or gender. Father’s Day is one of the few occasions when dad jokes are trending. If your dad makes fun of you on your marks, on your fashion sense, or anything, now grab the chance and crack some jokes on him and share in your next email, also share funny videos on Facebook and Instagram. It’s the best time to share dad’s memes, you might even get a few laughs from them!