Written by: Mrudul

Grow your business with these e-commerce tips for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a huge opportunity for retailers to make bank. The year 2021 would be even more special as people are slowly picking the pieces from where they left off before the pandemic started. Getting something special for the motherly figures in their life would be one way to show gratitude for surviving the.

Mother’s day is a huge opportunity for retailers to make bank. The year 2021 would be even more special as people are slowly picking the pieces from where they left off before the pandemic started. Getting something special for the motherly figures in their life would be one way to show gratitude for surviving the year and for them. For retailers who want to make use of this day, there needs to be ample preparation ahead to bring customers in.

Let us look at ways you can grow your business with these eCommerce tips for Mother’s day:

1. Leverage email marketing

Did you know that for each $1 you spend on email marketing, you get back more than $41? That’s how effective emails are as a marketing tool. It is an amazing channel to nurture your prospects.

For those who are already a part of your newsletter, send them emails where you include information about the kind of deals that they can take advantage of. Do remember that the incentives for the Mother’s day buyers should be general and not only for products that are specifically earmarked for the occasion.

From sending countdown messages to sharing detailed information about the products on display, you can use email marketing for anything.

2. Gift cards on Mother’s day

Promote your gift cards on Mother’s day- that’s a cool idea. Why? Because most people might not be sure about what exactly to buy for their special ones. In cases such as this, you can easily offer them gift cards from your store.

There is also a way for you to make it extra special. Here’s how. Make Mother’s day themed gift cards that are specific for the occasion. Put extra time and effort into creating gift cards that are attractive and will hold value as a souvenir.

3. Offer a discount on the Mother’s day themed gift cards

Want to sweeten the deal for your customers? Here’s what you can do. Apart from just providing Mother’s day themed gift cards, you can add a special incentive for people to buy on this day. Why not add a 10% discount on a $100 Mother’s day gift card. Your frequent buyers will also want to make use of this deal even if they were not planning to get anything on this day. It can easily increase your sales without even having to sell your inventory.

4. Start a product line only for Mother’s day

If you want to increase your sales on Mother’s day, you know what is the best way to do that? Ask your customers directly. Ask them what they are looking to gift their mothers on this day. When you find products that have been mentioned by many people, you can make them accordingly. Since these are made-to-order, you can even include personalization options which will also help you sell them at a premium. In fact, you can use this exercise of creating a new product line based on customer recommendations for PR too. There will be local news portals who will want to cash in on this clever idea of yours and may even feature your business on their magazine/newspaper.

5. Create a Mother’s day gifting guide

Gift giving is a tense affair as it is almost impossible to get it right everytime. There is a lot of anxiety that such festivals give to the people who are supposed to buy gifts.

Create a Mother’s day gift guide which will help alleviate the anxiety of your customers. Place your products for each of the recommendations and make it easy for people to buy the product by clicking on the link. Not only are you reducing the confusion of your prospective customers, you are also making sure that they are coming right back to you.

6. Partner with non-competing stores

There is another great way in which you can help fellow businesses nearby too. You can get into an agreement with nearby stores where your customers can get an extra product/service for free or at a discounted rate. It could be anything as long as it is also appropriate as a Mother’s day gift. Make sure that it is also beneficial to the stores that you partner with. In fact, the nearby store could also do the same kind of promotions with you.

7. Use social media extensively

It is one place where most of your customers are camping. You cannot go wrong by choosing to spend a lot of time on social media networking websites where your customers frequent. Find out the two most visited and active sites for your customers.

Create your company handles there if you don’t have one already. Use the platform to spread the word about your Mother’s day sale or offer. Try to reach as many people as possible by creating relevant content for the special day.

8. Offer extra perks

Do you want more sales on this particular day? Then make it much more enticing for people to walk into your store or visit your website. You can use simple incentives to attract a huge crowd. The incentives can be in the form of cashbacks, discounts, products, etc. You will have enough data to understand what sort of sops your customers love. Use this information effectively to choose the perks for your customers.

9. A/B testing

The best part about online marketing is that you can always pivot your idea of a sales copy. Do not even think about the costs involved in changing a letter in a huge billboard.

People are of different kinds. You can attract the right audience by experimenting with your communication strategy. Write down different kinds of copy and see which are the best performing ones. They are usually the ones that have the highest click through rates. Use these copies to get maximum people to visit your site.

10. Influencer marketing

Use local influencers if you are an offline retail store or micro-influencers if you are an eCommerce store to help spread the word about your Mother’s day offers. You can either offer them a commission on the number of sales they bring in (you could use a special coupon code for that) or a flat rate. Make sure both the parties get something from it, as the influencers can also help you reach out to a newer set of customers for you.


Getting the right gift for Mother’s day is important as it has a huge emotional value attached to it. Help your customers find the best products for Mother’s day by giving them detailed information, and you will end up attracting the right crowd too. Ecommerce store owners can act as joy-givers on this special day by coming up with attractive offers for its customers.

If you are looking to get started with gift cards for Mother’s day, the team at 99minds will be more than happy to help you set it up for you. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we will make sure that your Mother’s day marketing campaigns are a success.