How to create a successful Gift Card Campaign for Christmas

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What do you usually offer during the holidays as a retailer? Aren’t they gift cards? Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart, for example, could never pass up the opportunity to sell thousands (if not millions) of Gift Cards during the holidays. So, if you’ve decided to launch a gift card campaign for the next holiday season and are wondering how to get started, you’ve come to the right place.

Even if you just have a few weeks before Christmas, here’s how you may sell your products with gift vouchers.

    1. Customer Acquisition through Gift Card Incentives

    Gift cards are an essential element of any customer acquisition strategy. Frequently, gift card recipients spend more than the card’s value. They utilize the card as part of a larger transaction rather than as a token purchase. The card’s cost is switched to the right side of the balance sheet, signalling the commencement of a successful long-term client relationship.

    2. Increase Customer Retention and Grow Lifetime Value

    Creating a retention programme can be as simple as rewarding clients after their second purchase or after they have spent a particular amount of money. You can provide clients Gift Cards when they sign up for an account to encourage them to continue investing in the programme. Based on the financial value of their orders and the overall number of orders they’ve placed, store reports make it easy to see who your best customers are.

    3. Delight your Customer

    It takes more than just executing orders on schedule to earn a customer’s loyalty. To gain a devoted customer, a corporation must embrace customer delight. You can effectively kill two birds with one stone by creating a referral or ambassador programme for your ecommerce firm that compensates those who assist to drive new clients your way with discounts, points, or freebies.

    4. Sell eGift Cards Online and In store

    As a gifting alternative, online gift cards are becoming increasingly popular. Purchases can be made at any time and from any location, with no shipping fees and rapid delivery. Customers can purchase online or in person, one can use 99mind’s digital eGift cards to send a gift to friends or family. They’re also a great option for shops because they enable them to collect data on both the buyer and the client who redeems the card.

    5. Engage Customers with Promo Credit and Boost Activation

    Customers prefer gift cards to other marketing incentives like coupons, bonus money, and discounts. When consumer preferences are taken into account, promotions are more effective. With promo credit gift card marketing, merchants saw an increase of 8.4x. Brands who do not run promotions lose 37 % of their annual revenue.

    6. Grow Rapidly through Incentivising Referrals

    Offering an incentive for just generating a referral shifts the weight of selling your services away from the customer and back to you. Many companies now do this, offering consumers a thank-you gift in exchange for promoting them to new customers. Some businesses send the gift as a thank you regardless of whether the customer makes a purchase.