Written by: Mrudul

How to Get Mother’s Day Gift Cards for Your Business to sell a lot?

For retailers, Mother’s day is a lucrative day in their business if rightly used. Americans spend extravagantly on this with the average gift value being around $200. If you want to cash in on this beautiful day, creating gift cards for your business is the cleverest thing you can do. If you have Mother’s day.

For retailers, Mother’s day is a lucrative day in their business if rightly used. Americans spend extravagantly on this with the average gift value being around $200. If you want to cash in on this beautiful day, creating gift cards for your business is the cleverest thing you can do.

If you have Mother’s day gift cards for your business, here is what you can do to drum up more business:

1. Make it attractive

Even a customer who might be willing to buy a gift card would still need a bit more convincing to make the purchase finally. What if they change their mind on seeing a product on your shelves? This is why you need to sweeten the deal for your customers so that they don’t think twice when they want to buy gift cards.

While there are a variety of advantages that gift cards offer, the customer is usually going to buy them on an impulse. One of the best ways to make your gift cards much more attractive for Mother’s day is to add perks on top of it.

Make sure the perks have something to do with Mother’s day. It could be something like “Buy our store’s gift card and get a coffee from Starbucks” or “Buy our gift card and get a Mother’s day coffee mug with it.” You get the drift, right?<.p>

2. Put it on social media

One thing that most businesses do when it comes to gift cards is that they don’t talk too much about it. It is the classical “If you build it, they will come” syndrome. We have seen that strategy failing so many times, haven’t we?

Marketing is so vital for organizations and for gift cards, even more so. Because your customers are not expecting gift cards from businesses, and not especially for Mother’s day either. It would help if you created the demand for it by telling people that you have gift cards for a special occasion.

3. Use it for customer returns

When a customer wants to return a product, which happens in retail stores more often than you think, the usual step is to offer them their money back in cash or to the source account.

Do you want to ensure that your customers spend that money on you again? Tell them that you can add the money to a gift card and give it to them. More often than not, they will feign zero interest in it. Here’s where you tell them that you have a Mother’s day offer where they will get $10 more from the total cost of the product that they were returning. This is a no-brainer as they get ten dollars as a gift without any extra effort. You will not only ensure that they will spend on you again, but you also get to give them a delightful experience one more time.

4. A/B test

Use different kinds of copies to attract your audience. Your audience might like a particular copy more than the previous one you used. With the help of metrics, you will find which one resonates more with them and use it accordingly. For Mother’s day, you need to develop appropriate wordings that will attract someone looking to buy a gift on that particular day.

5. Partner with retailers

Use the opportunity to team up with a retailer looking to expose themselves to a new audience set. For every Mother’s gift card you sell, your customers can be directed to a bookstore or a spa which gives them either complimentary product/service or a deep discount. You can have some kind of arrangement with the retail store so that both of you can benefit from this occasion.

6. Encourage your employees with incentives

Your employees will not naturally gravitate towards selling more gift cards just because it is a special occasion and you want to increase its sales. If you want your employees to push your gift card’s sales, you should provide them incentives to do so. Create a competition amongst your employees so that they can give extra effort to make this happen.

The perks can be as simple as a cash prize, extra vacation days, or any gift voucher from a store that they frequent. If we could suggest anything, the best incentive is to offer a financial one.

7. Place them everywhere

Apart from spreading the noise about your gift cards on social media, you should also ensure that your website visitors get to see them everywhere on the site or in strategic locations in your retail store. Even during the checkout process online, show them that they have the option to buy gift cards, and the same can be done for your retail store as well.

8. Make Mother’s day themed gift cards

Do you want to increase the appeal for your Mother’s day gift cards? Make sure that you design the gift card as attractively as possible. The design should be eye-catching, and make limited edition ones for Mother’s day if you have the budget and resources. Your gift card will easily stand out and will be appealing to your customers—no doubt about that.

9. Use a 3rd party gift card company

There are many gift card companies that will take care of the entire process. Ensure that you choose a Gift Card Provider whose product is compatible with your POS. 99minds provides a complete Gift Card solution for businesses that can help seamlessly transfer your information to its program. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

10. Use influencer mums to spread the word about your gift cards

Influencer marketing is huge in eCommerce, and micro-influencers hold a lot of clouts. You could offer them some perks or even a monetary incentive in exchange for them spreading the word about your gift card program and the perks you are offering on it for Mother’s Day. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the influencer moms you are partnering with should have a similar audience to yours.

11. Run a mother’s day event

Do you want more eyes on your brand and its Mother’s day initiatives? You can consider running a competition or an event for Mother’s day. It could be an online masterclass on anything that a mother would want, something like a financial masterclass or a design workshop. If it is an in-person event, it could be a cooking class or a wine tasting event. Anything that makes people talk about your brand is the cue for you.


We need not stress the importance of using gift cards to increase your sales, especially for an occasion that promotes gift giving. If you are an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store, it would be unwise not to leverage Mother’s day to increase your sales.

If your business is planning on a Mother’s day campaign and is looking to create gift cards for the occasion, we will be more than pleased to help you with it. Please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will provide the proper guidance for your business for your Mother’s day marketing campaigns.