How to Market your Loyalty Program?

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What is the best way to market your loyalty program?

Before we begin, let’s take a glance at why a loyalty program is so crucial. When the pandemic hit, 20% of consumers changed brands right away but 73% of loyalty members spent more money on their favorite brands.

In a survey, 90% of respondents said that they will prefer the same brand over a less expensive option if they’re a member of a loyalty program. When it comes to the company’s overall strategy, 66.4 % consider customer loyalty and loyalty marketing to be important.

More than half of US adults now belong to at least one loyalty program So how do you market your loyalty program and enjoy all of these payoffs? Let’s see…


Email has power that many channels don’t: delivering meaningful, personalized touches — on a grand scale.

Many of you might find emails boring but you’re on the wrong track if not perceiving them as a money-making machine.

Emails to foster leads, and transform them into Loyalty program members

If you have a non-buying group that is really engaged with your emails – opens every email, clicks links, and engages frequently – consider a soft pitch for your loyalty program. Likewise, if they tend to open discount-oriented emails, they may be ready to purchase-incentivizing benefits that a loyalty program provides.

Personalize emails to customers who purchased and reviewed but have not signed up yet

Some of your consumers are already hooked… just they haven’t taken part in your program yet, but they have purchased and reviewed your product regularly.

So, what’s the use of getting them in your loyalty program…?

Actively advising consumers of bonuses available for tasks they perform “for free” might increase their respect and deepen their relationship with your company. Giving some prizes a little earlier can push things to the next level.

Your loyalty programme is the perfect zone to focus on cultivating this relationship and securing their support.

Involve Loyalty Program Members in Case Studies by nurturing them through email marketing

Email isn’t simply for keeping in touch with customers who have got a $20 discount on their first order. It can be used to strengthen bonds between you and your loyal members of your loyalty program.

It will be helpful to approach their involvement in case studies if you have built a stronger relationship with them. When a customer says something good about us, it’s always more trustworthy than when we declare it ourselves. If customers agree to have their stories published you can leverage their thoughts on your website, in marketing, and on social sites.


Throw some promotions in here because many among you use it in toilets as well.

With little marketing, post humor and relevance Nobody wants to follow a page that is always advertising something, but if you steadily deliver value with humor, the slight promotion can be well received. So only bring up your loyalty program when you have a good – and possibly urgent – reason to do so. Consider the following scenario when you’re releasing a new product or providing a limited-time offer. You can also upload special posts (for instance, when you achieve 100,000 members) or posts written by customers.

Display User-Generated Content As previously stated, no one is more trustworthy than your consumers when it comes to marketing your loyalty program or brand. They’re your peers, so they know what they’re going through and why they’re hesitant, and they (typically) don’t expect to gain anything by sharing their experiences.

Encourage audiences to contribute by sharing experiences about your program as well as:

  • The product they received through their earned rewards.
  • The personalized holiday e-Gift Card only given to members.
  • Tips on products only offered through your program.
  • Highlights from events that were exclusively open to members.

Respond to Customer Concerns Regarding Your Program If you get the same queries about your loyalty program all the time, reply to them on your page every now and then. Even better, respond to questions from followers personally.

You can also have live Q&A sessions on YouTube, utilize the question box on Instagram Stories and spotlight comments in TikTok videos.


People work for money but they’ll go far beyond recognition and rewards.

Give quick benefits for joining a loyalty club Long-term benefits are common in loyalty programs, but try making it profitable immediately. Don’t hold on to joining someday, which may never come.

If you focus on providing your program during a purchase, give them a prize they may redeem right away.

If you recommend joining at a different time, build excitement by offering a bonus that ends in 24 hours.

Extra Rewards for Extra Loyal Customers Make a tier system program so that clients can earn points for:

Purchasing more or more expensive items

Leaving positive reviews on websites and social media

Sharing content about you on social media

Recommending friends


Get the most of your own valuable internet property.

Encourage signups by using popups at the perfect time Create a popup that displays when users are close to signing up, such as when they…

  • Add products to their carts that total more than a specific amount.
  • Seek details about your loyalty programme or other rewards on the company’s website.

Personalized popup experiences are perfect, for example, based on…

  • The categories in which they are interested.
  • How many times have they looked at products and then stepped back without buying the product?
  • In fact, they shop on a regular basis but still didn’t join your program.

Display Loyalty Program on Your Main Menu Popups are useful for advertisements but don’t use them repeatedly. Your reward program should be proudly displayed on your homepage, and customers should be capable of finding it on their own.


When your customers recommend you, you know you’re doing something good. And you know that the new leads they generate for you will come trusting, ready to buy.

Reward Referrals A customer’s referral is the greatest honor a company can receive.

Thus, give two rewards on each referral. One for the fresh consumer who is seeking out your products, and the other is for your ambassador who is referring to them.

It’s a win-win for both parties.

Create an environment that encourages people to refer others Through your loyalty program, look for opportunities to link friends, family members, or strangers who share similar interests.

Customers will have a deeper motive to suggest to their friends and family than discounts or store credit, they will have the chance to improve social and familial ties.

For example:

If you sell beauty products, create a beauty club only for members.

If you sell sports equipment, host tournaments for VIP members, or offer tickets to international contests.

If you own a restaurant, let the members win titles like “Most visited couple”, “Biggest friend circle ever”, or “The biggest foodie” and give them tempting rewards like an unlimited meal, a free delicious dish, and so on.

Find out why consumers haven’t Referred Their Friends Yet Receiving feedback from existing members will allow you to modify your rewards to generate more referrals and provide better service to your customers.

Perhaps the loyalty program does not meet their requirements so they are unable to suggest it at this time.

Or maybe the program is excellent, but people neglected to sign up since you haven’t yet created a caring email marketing plan. They haven’t had a chance to fully enjoy its rewards, therefore they can’t recommend it to others.

Update, check results to tell customers that you value, and get more feedback to continue to grow.