9 Effective Shopify Gift Card Marketing Tactics for Your Store

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Businesses that are looking for Shopify gift card marketing strategies must get their basics right. From getting their website ready to their marketing stack in order, a lot of things must fall in place to have the perfect ROI out of their gift card campaign. Marketing tactics for gift cards are available aplenty, but you must choose one that makes sense for your business.

In this article, we look at some of the best Shopify gift card best practices for marketing.

Gift Card Promotion Strategies for Shopify Stores

For your gift card program to be successful, you must have a marketing plan in place. This article is full of creative gift card marketing ideas for Shopify eCommerce stores of all sizes.

Set Clear Goals

One of the most important parts of your gift card marketing strategy is to have clearly defined goals. Understand who your audience is, what they like, why they buy from you, what are their preferred marketing channels and incentives, and so on. It will help you understand what you can expect with your gift card program. Make sure you have a data-driven approach when setting goals for your gift card campaign for increasing gift card visibility.

If you don’t have clear goals, you will not be able to get the best out of the gift card exercise. It will also help you figure out if you have reached what you aimed for and use it as a benchmark for the future. Tracking the results of your Shopify gift card analytics will put you in great control of your campaigns. You will be able to know the areas where you are flourishing while observing the ones that need a drastic overhaul. All of these will help you with gift card program optimization as well.

Promote Them Everywhere

The right way to make sure that everyone who lands on your Shopify store gets to know about your gift card is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to its promotion. Send information about it in your email, use it as a banner ad, add it to the checkout page, include it in the FAQs section, make it pop up on your website, and so on. In digital gift card promotions, the more they hear and read about it, the likelier they will buy it.

Promote Gift Cards With Video Content

Videos have high ROI because it is low-effort for viewers to consume. The average person can consume videos on the trot without tiring, the same cannot be said about other marketing channels. Creating videos consistently is one of the best Shopify marketing tips, especially if you want to up your gift card game.

Let’s look at the best ways to leverage video content for gift cards

  • Create videos that showcase the positive experience that customers have had after using your gift cards
  • Personalized videos that highlight the features of your gift card offerings is a great content idea
  • Create short videos for social media for gift card marketing
  • Animated explainer videos are a great addition to your video content vault
  • Demo videos that explain the benefits of gift cards and how to use one helps with marketing them
  • Target Holidays

    Gift cards are even more popular during holidays as people want to gift them for their loved ones. Instead of getting a gift that their loved one might not prefer, gift cards are risk-free and effort-free as you can quickly pick one at your budget. You don’t have to scour through catalogues of products, only to realize that the recipient doesn’t like the color or even the product itself.

    Targeted gift card advertising for your audience during the holiday season will result in increased gift card sales. The better you are at marketing, the more sales you will be able to generate.

    Create Better Designs

    An attractive mix of color, design, and creatives, can be the difference between a winning gift card design and one that doesn’t even get a second glance. The main objective of your gift cards is that it should capture your customers’ attention, boosting gift card sales. For Shopify stores that want to impress its customers, choosing a gift card design template offered by 99minds is a starter. If you are using 99minds as your gift card software, you will be able to complete the entire setup in a few minutes.

    Discount Gift Card Purchases

    Offering it at a discount is one of the best gift card incentives for customers. Even a small discount of $5 on a $100 gift card can impress customers enough to make the purchase. Make it a time-bound discount so that the decision-making process doesn’t take a lot of time. Once you give them a great experience, they are more likely to buy gift cards from you again. You needn’t bother too much about the $5 discount since

    Bankrate says that 47% of US adults have at least one unused gift card. The same report says that the average value in an unused gift card is $187. There are multi-pronged benefits with gift cards, offering a $5 or even a $10 discount should be the least of your worries. You will not only end up recouping the value, but will also increase goodwill, brand value, and even find new customers. Your holiday gift card marketing will get a fillip with this simple discounting tactic.

    Use Them to Increase Customer Loyalty

    Is the question on your lips, “How can we use gift cards to increase customer loyalty?” Do remember that gift cards are not only for gifting. Someone with your gift card has the incentive to spend more at your business– again. You can encourage your customers to get refunds in the form of gift cards. A disgruntled customer can be calmed down with a free gift card. It can turn a negative experience into a positive one. Add a little more on top of the gift card value, if you want to delight your customers.

    Imagine a customer who plans to gift a $100 card gets a separate card of $20 value, for free. The above tips are some of the easiest ways to increase gift card program success stories. All of these will easily increase customer loyalty too since they now know that you care, and it is all that matters.

    Invest in Gift Card Email Campaigns

    Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels as customers who receive your emails have given their explicit permission to do so. They are also sent directly to mobile phones that customers always carry in their person. It is unlike a new social media app that the customer has to sign in and then check your message. In fact, 99% of email users check it daily, with some of them checking up to twenty times. By leveraging the right email marketing platform, you can easily increase the number of conversions for your gift cards.

    Once you build a top-class email list, it becomes even more easier to market your gift cards. Do not let anything stop you from offering gift cards with the help of personalized email campaigns and nurturing techniques.

    Loyalty Program Rewards

    Your loyal customers will be your brand ambassadors. They will be the ones who will be ready to buy anything that you upsell and cross-sell. Long-time customers who are happy with what you offer will be delighted to spread the word about your Shopify store promotions for the holidays. Delighting your loyal long-time customers is one of the easiest ways to increase customer lifetime value while getting referrals on the side. Make sure that you reward them for loyalty, and when you do so, add gift cards into the mix.

    Customers who have not bought from you for a long time, but have a long-term association with you can be sent a “It’s been long since we saw you” email, along with a free gift card. Once they buy from you again, they would want the experience again.

    Wrapping up

    Customer engagement with gift cards is always going to be a win for the brand. Your customers are not going to be cross with you because you incentivized their shopping experience with you. That’s what gift cards can do. Even the simplest of interactions with your customers can be made delightful by adding gift cards into the mix.

    For creating effective gift card campaigns, it is inevitable that you take the help of a gift card software like 99minds 99minds. It will give you the much-needed confidence to build a successful Shopify store. 99minds has a number of products that help eCommerce stores acquire and retain customers. Get in touch with us to see how we can be of help.