Written by: Mrudul

Send Bulk Gift Cards with Omnisend using 99minds

"I want to do business with a company that treats emailing me as a privilege, not a transaction" - Andrea Mignolo. In a single phrase, the above quote encapsulates the essence of email marketing. E-commerce enterprises will need to use email marketing actively in 2022 to stay on top of the game and sustain consumer

“I want to do business with a company that treats emailing me as a privilege, not a transaction.” – Andrea Mignolo.

In a single phrase, the above quote encapsulates the essence of email marketing. E-commerce enterprises will need to use email marketing actively in 2022 to stay on top of the game and sustain consumer loyalty. Email marketing is a useful tool, but when it comes to gift cards, it becomes even more important. Every company wants to thank their most loyal and future customers with gift cards, but these should not be delivered at random. And who better than Omnisend to deal with all of these issues at once? As a result, 99minds is unveiling its latest integration to you all.

About 99minds –

99minds is a comprehensive strategy for interaction, acquisition, and retention. Customers can create vouchers, gift cards, discounts, recommendations, loyalty plans, and location-based promotions using the 99minds platform. To give an omnichannel consumer experience, customers should create campaigns for customized deals at 99minds.

About Omnisend –

Omnisend is an email marketing automation platform that offers a one-stop-shop. It focuses on e-commerce businesses with great growth potential. You will enhance Revenue by combining email, SMS, and other platforms into one. Producing professional, eye-catching emails is effortless with the Omnisend template collection. Their models are simply customizable to match the style and feel of your brand. You can resend emails to people who didn’t open them the first time around using Campaign Booster.

Let’s have a look at how 99minds and Omnisend collaborate –

Omnisend and 99minds collaborate to create personalized customer interactions and help the business grow. This collaboration provides you with the robust automation tools that are optimized for e-commerce, allowing you to engage your contacts with personalized Gift Cards, email, newsletters, and as well as SMS campaigns to increase sales.

  • Pre-Built Workflows With pre-built workflows, you can get started right away. Making your custom pre-built workflows is simple now. With pre-built workflows, you may send gift cards to your clients while sleeping. With omnisend’s prebuilt workflow, you can send 99minds Gift Cards to your customers in no time. This allows you to make the most of your Gift Cards.
  • Truly Personalized Gift Card Automation You can send 99minds’ Gift Cards to your customers based on events and automated workflows that don’t require any manual interaction. That being said, you can set gift card categories and values based on region/locale using the new Gift Card Automation feature. When a successful referral is accomplished, you can automatically transfer Gift Card rewards.
  • Enhanced Segmentation –Omnisend allows you to define segments with no restrictions. Over any time range, use any combination of events, profile characteristics, location, anticipated values, and more. It begins with recognizing and working with your customers’ variances in behavior rather than against them. Ecommerce customer segmentation divides your clients into smaller groups who share common interests, making it easier to put up with offers & to send 99minds Gift Cards.
  • Offers Personalized Marketing –With 99minds and omnisend, you can begin sending more personalized, well-targeted communications in seconds. Omnisend will collect and store all pertinent information about your customers in a seamless manner, allowing you to use it to create memorable experiences, improve sales, and develop relationships & to seize the opportunity, 99minds Gift Cards are there.

Why 99minds?

  • To run campaigns using coupons that are tailored and targeted to each customer’s interests.
  • To increase Revenue with an API-based Promotions, Loyalty, and Gift Card Platform.
  • To create omnichannel customer experiences by creating campaigns for personalized promotions.
  • To gain insight into the efficiency and lower promotional marketing costs to create and track dynamic promotional vouchers.
  • Why Omnisend?

    • To have a reliable, personalized experience for your customers by reaching out to them on their favorite messaging platforms while improving your reach & conversions.
    • To drive sales on autopilot across multiple channels just by using this single, eCommerce-focused automation platform.
    • To ensure that all of your marketing assets are in sync, use Omnisend to build, schedule, and submit all of 99mind’s emails (Referrals, Rewards, Recommendations, and so on).
    • Take a look at the features of Omnisend –

      • Omnisend brings all your marketing tools in one umbrella:Omnisend brings all of the marketing platforms together in one place. As a result, you’ll be able to attract more consumers and run multi-channel promotions. Customers can be contacted via email, social media, SMS, or browser-based push notifications.
      • Omnisend creates engaging, visually compelling campaigns fit for your brand:You can create engaging email campaigns and newsletters with the Omnisend Content Editor. You can use blank or regular models and then fill in the background. Blocks with your text and pictures. To increase customer interaction, provide interactive elements such as a scratch card or a gift box.
      • Omnisend boosts sales with automated workflows:You can automate multi-channel workflows based on specific triggers with Omnisend, which will increase your sales. A welcome series or order confirmation messages will help buyers feel more confident. Suggestions for similar or complementary goods will help you maximize cross-sell opportunities.