Small Business Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day generates $18.9 billion in revenue. According to the National Retail Federation, 9 out of 10 Americans expect to buy something for their significant other, each spending an average of $88.

Lovers exchange gifts, couples go on romantic outings, and some want to have a lovely Valentine’s Day. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and lovers; it’s also a day for business owners who want to increase revenue by meeting people’s needs.

Here are 8 Valentine’s Day business ideas :

    1. Enhance Your Company’s Social Media Accounts with Romantic Elements.
    2. Help your fans get into Valentine’s Day spirit by including some romantic flare in your social media profile pics and cover shots (Hint: if you’re conducting a campaign, you should match your art to any other marketing assets). Otherwise, make sure it’s a Valentine’s Day tie-in that keeps your business known while still celebrating the holiday!

    3. Offer personalized Gift Cards.
    4. Because not everyone has the time to visit your store on Valentine’s Day, offer them a variety of products or services to take home or gift to a spouse instead. Gift baskets, gift cards, and products that may be personalized all make lovely and unique gifts. Bonus points for including return specials to entice people to return. 99minds can always be relied on for customized and targeted gift card campaigns based on the interests of each customer.

    5. Inviting Your Followers to Share Their Love Stories.
    6. Are you on social media? Inquire about your audience’s love stories, and find a method to connect the question to your brand. It should be noted that not every storyline must be romantic in the classic sense. (You don’t want to alienate any of your audience members.) Inquire about all forms of love stories, such as romantic, friendship, family, and so on. Offer a prize for the finest storytelling, but make sure the rules are well-defined before launching your campaign! Keep in mind that you should not overtly ask your audience to like and share your post in order to receive additional entries.

    7. Show Your Love to your Single audience
    8. It’s vital to remember that not everyone is in a relationship during any Valentine’s Day marketing. Send some love to your single followers as well, in addition to couples. If possible, provide unique bargains for singles, or focus on deals that apply to everyone – regardless of relationship status. Use hashtags like #singlesawarenessday with caution unless your products/services and editorial approach are consistently ironic.

    9. Hold a Valentine’s Day contest.
    10. We’ve previously mentioned it, but hosting a Valentine’s Day contest on your social media platforms can be both entertaining and profitable to you and your fans! Whether you choose to offer a special date night activity or a product that is ideal for couples or singles, focus on contests that will excite your fans while not draining your marketing budget. Remember that your freebie does not necessarily have to be related to your business.

    11. Create Valentine’s Day Mobile Push Notifications.
    12. Is your company’s app capable of sending push notifications? If this is the case, you should consider how you may modify them to coincide with important holidays and large promotional activities. Users may find push notifications unpleasant, but when you find messaging and branding that provides value to your customers, they may be highly effective. Find methods to make your existing push notifications and special offers more holiday-themed.

    13. Combine products that complement one another.
    14. Another way to capitalise on the “pairing” aspect of Valentine’s Day is to showcase two or more products that complement each other. This can help you enhance sales. Pair necklaces with earrings or bracelets, for example, if you sell jewellery. If your company offers clothing, display outfit pieces that complement one another – and add a Valentine’s Day twist to your marketing, such as “the perfect set for Valentine’s Day” or “Valentine’s Day dining ensembles.”

    15. Send Some Alluring Emails.
    16. If you’re like the majority of small businesses, you’re probably already using email marketing. Have you thought about incorporating Holiday themes into your email subject lines and messaging? Begin with enticing subject lines that play on the notion of romance or love, or that clearly mention Valentine’s Day. Make sure your body copy is consistent with your subject line, with references to all things romantic. Try incorporating heart emojis or other relevant emojis in your topic line. Just use them carefully to avoid making your email appear spammy.