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Tips To Boost eCommerce Sales for The Thanks giving Weekend in 2022

The Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most significant shopping periods of the entire year. How do you capitalize on this? You need a proactive strategy to get the most out of this sales opportunity. Here are some of the best tips to boost your eCommerce sales for the Thanksgiving weekend in 2022. Plan early

The Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most significant shopping periods of the entire year. How do you capitalize on this? You need a proactive strategy to get the most out of this sales opportunity.

Here are some of the best tips to boost your eCommerce sales for the Thanksgiving weekend in 2022.

  • Plan early:

Want to be on the minds of your customers during the holiday season? Here’s a simple tip to keep your customers engaged enough to buy from your store on Thanksgiving- start early. Yes, plan ahead for your holiday promotions. Ensure your website is fully functional and ready to accommodate new visitors.

Thanksgiving is a stressful time for your customers. Giving them a website with a seamless interface and a fast checkout capability is something that will make them fall in love with your store. Analyze the performance of your website and keep improving the results so that everything works smoothly during the all-important holiday weekend.

  • Reach existing customers:

Getting new customers is great for your eCommerce brand. But you know what is even more fantastic? Making your existing customers a big part of your store’s digital marketing strategy is pivotal. It is the easiest way to increase your sales, and existing customers who like your offering are easy to upsell and cross-sell. They will be the ones who will lap up your promotions and discounts.

  • Set up a referral program:

One of the best ways to increase your customer base is to put your existing customers into a referral program. Offer them incentives for each referral. You can use plug-and-play referral software that can quickly start your referral campaigns. The referral program for Thanksgiving will fetch you customers during your Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales.

  • Promote the right products:

Shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend is a tradition ingrained into the minds of every American. Your customers are going to look for the best offers that are available to them. To ensure that you are an attractive store, you must ensure that your marketing campaigns are on point. There is one more thing- identify the right products to sell. Find out which products that are best-sellers. Use the previous year’s shopping details during Thanksgiving to find this data. Based on this, you can choose to promote products that whipped the most interest among your customer base. If there were products that your competitors made a lot of money out of, you might want to add them to your store too.

Some best-selling product categories are electronics, footwear, toys, kitchen wares, beauty, entertainment, fashion accessories, gift cards, home, kitchen decor, and sporting goods. Look for products that might be a hit with your audience and make novelty versions out of them.

  • Leverage social media:

It is a given that most B2C customers can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Picking the right products is as important as choosing the right people to target. Come up with the right offers that will delight your target audience. Promote the offer on your social media handles and use the right hashtags and groups to spread the message.

Your competitors will do everything they can to target their audience with innovative marketing strategies. This is why you must ensure that your social media content should be attention-grabbing. Make sure that your social media team comes up with interesting posts that pique the attention of your target audience.

Make an emotional connection with your customers. Use visuals that invoke the Thanksgiving spirit in your target audience. Drop hints about the big promotions and deals that you are offering for the holidays.

  • Plan for November:

Yes, while it is tempting to put all your efforts only into the Thanksgiving weekend, you don’t want to forget that Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall on the same weekend. The shopping fever is going to last till New Year’s- you know that too. Keep offering deals and promotions for all of these holidays.

  • Go mobile-first:

We couldn’t stress this enough, your website always needs to be mobile-first. If you haven’t made your website mobile-first yet, this is the time to amp up your digital strategy. The mobile experience you offer your customers should always be exceptional, seamless, and functional.

Even for Thanksgiving, most of your customers are going to browse your products through their mobile phones. By improving your site’s navigation and speed on mobile, you can increase the likelihood of all your customers completing their purchases. Poor website search experience and user experience are the pivotal reasons why 70% of online shoppers abandon a site.

  • Better the checkout experience:

To increase your eCommerce store’s sales on Thanksgiving weekend, simplify your checkout experience. Reduce the barriers that are present during the checkout process. Offer one-click buying and add dynamic checkout buttons to increase mobile transactions.

One-click buying helps customers purchase with a single click as it uses the customer’s payment information that is stored safely in a secure mobile wallet. PayPal, Google Pay, Shop Pay, and Apple Pay offer one-click options. The dynamic checkout button remembers the customer’s preferred payment method and presents the button for all future visits.

  • Don’t leave the abandoned carts:

More than 69.99% of shopping carts are abandoned. Yes, you read that right. Retailers employ email marketing to persuade customers who abandoned their shopping carts. They are highly persuasive in convincing their customers to complete their shopping. Set up email sequences that are targeted to shoppers who abandoned their shopping carts on your website.

  • Create Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO):

Your customers are looking to get the best deals on their hands. They know that almost all the brands will give some of the best offers for the Thanksgiving weekend. Employ popular hooks like ‘last minute offers,’ ‘enjoy till stocks last,’ ‘first 100 customers offers,’ and so on. It will persuade the buyers to buy quickly, so they don’t lose out on attractive deals.

  • Product bundling:

Encourage more spending by providing extra discounts on product bundles. It is a fantastic way to upsell or cross-sell and also make your customers happy. You can persuade your customers to buy more by implementing a solid content strategy where you can create content like ‘best holiday gifts for men,’ ‘holiday gift guide for women,’ ‘top 10 electronics deals for Cyber Monday,’ and so on.

  • Get customers on your loyalty program:

Do you want to make the customers ambassadors of your brand? Put them into a loyalty program where you offer points for a variety of actions that your customers take while purchasing from you. It will create a deeper connection with the customer and provide repeat business for your store.

Wrapping up:

The holiday season is the perfect time for eCommerce sites to amp up their marketing and operational strategy. You have to earn each of these sales, but we are confident that using the above set of strategies will help increase your revenues for Thanksgiving and the other holidays. Go into the holidays with a solid eCommerce sales plan in place to get great results.

Businesses should invest in a referral program to increase their user base and incentivize their existing customers. Adding a gift card for the holiday season will be a great deal for your customers who want to gift their loved ones for the holidays. Get in touch with the 99minds team to understand how we can help your eCommerce store conquer the holiday season.