Top 18 Best Free Bigcommerce Themes

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Pravin Kamble

If you are looking for free BigCommerce themes, you are in the right place. These themes will help you get good at your eCommerce game. BigCommerce helps eCommerce stores increase their sales, scale operations, retain customers, and so on. It is a powerful piece of software that can do wonders for your online store. Unleash the full effects of BigCommerce with the help of the themes.

Here are some of the 18 best free BigCommerce themes:

1. Vault Bright:

Create a super interesting store that attracts the visitors and creates a ‘sticky’ behaviour with Vault Bright. Without having to modify the codes, you can easily add images, text banners, etc., to your homepage. Thanks to its brilliant layout, timeless font, and colors used, your ecommerce store will look sleek and stand apart from the competition. Its in-built color pickers help you change each and every element in the theme.

2. LifeStyle:

It has an easy-to-manage store setting that allows you to customize the elements in your website, such as fonts, colors, headers, footers, quickly, and effectively. LifeStyle is a versatile theme that allows you to showcase your brand and style. It is optimized for all types of devices and has a variety of features that make it extremely attractive. Some of them are Product Comparison Table, Complex Search Filtering, Storefront CSRF Protection, Masonry Design, and more.

3. Cornerstone Light:

It is the default theme for all new BigCommerce stores. Cornerstone Light is a completely responsive BigCommerce theme, and if you are serious about your online store, then it is a must to have a mobile-optimized theme. Thanks to its user friendly layout and neutral design, you can customize as much as you want based on your unique requirements.

4. Roots Original:

Thanks to its powerful search mechanism and a superior navigation system, ecommerce stores that have medium to large sized product catalogs will find this theme a life-saver. Some of its attractive features are product recommendations, Mega Navigation, Customized Check Out, a sticky header that reduces in size as the user scrolls down, robust product grid, and so on.

5. Fortune Minimal:

If your online store needs to use images extensively without looking excessive, then Fortune Minimal should be your mainstay. With advanced features like Product Showcase, Masonry Design, List Product View, etc., it is a great theme,especially for home furnishings.

6. Fortune Highlight:

Thanks to its sleek navigation and unique product grid, it is one of the best free themes that you can use if images are an important part of your selling process. Fortune Highlight is ideal for small to medium-sized catalogs, and it has all the features that you require to convert website visitors into customers. The ability to upload high resolution product images into the theme without slowing down the online store is a huge advantage.

7. Cornerstone Bold:

While it has most of the functions that Cornerstone Light has, BigCommerce did make some additions while building this theme. Cornerstone Bold is fully mobile-optimized theme, has a hero carousel in the home page with slider controls, can add high quality pictures and videos for product pages, Google AMP pages for mobile users, and so on.

8. Alpha Retail:

It is a theme created by PSDCenter exclusively for the retail industry although there is no restriction on who can use it. The marketplace architecture has been designed in such a way that you can establish a scalable marketplace of your own. As it is optimized for all kinds of devices, your potential customers will have a great shopping experience no matter where they are accessing it from. The Stencil Framework allows you to create any product line or category.

9. Divi:

It is easily one of the most popular BigCommerce WordPress themes, thanks to its extremely powerful page builder. Divi is so good a theme that it allows you to virtually construct pages from the wide selection of elements that are already built into it. With more than 40 different page elements like forms, galleries, sliders, etc., it can be used to create any type of online store. Pricing tables is one of its most attractive features that could be a great addition to your online store.

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10. Make:

Make’s free version includes a page layout engine with several built-in layouts, and integrates with the Customizer which is a tool that has hundreds of settings that can be visually tweaked. If you are looking for more features, then Make’s premium plan allows for more additional ecommerce features and advanced layout options.

11. Fortune Contrast:

For independent artists who want to showcase their wares, it is a great theme. It is a fully responsive theme, allows for Frontpage slideshow, free theme upgrades, product filtering, customized checkout options, storefront CSRF protection, and more.

12. Aquatic Venice:

If you have an online store that sells fashion products, then Aquatic Venice is a highly recommended theme. Notice the image, you will see an array of high-quality cards to attract the visitor. These high-quality cards are available for recent products, featured products, latest offers, new arrivals, etc. Aquatic Venice offers a great buying experience for the end customer as they could clearly visualize how the product looks. It has a unique design that gives a great experience for the visitor, thanks to a responsive design, faceted search options, and more.

13. City Center:

Offered by PSDCenter, this is a better and enhanced version of the Cornerstone free BigCommerce theme. Some of the additional features in this theme are: Visible search section in the header, sitewide pencil banner on every page of the store, description tab in full area, main image with popup functionality, category pages on the footer, and more.

14. Artify BigCommerce:

Artify doesn’t cater specifically to any genre and is one of the highest-selling responsive themes for eCommerce stores. It can be a great addition to niches such as fashion, automobile parts, hardware products, pet products, and electronics. Its key features include horizontal and vertical categories, advanced filters and sorting options, recent product banner on the home page, refined category pages, and product pages, and so on.

15. Shapely:

If you are looking to set up a simple store with only a handful of products, Shapely has all the functionalities that will make your online store work like a charm. Most of the other themes that we have discussed here are full of highly functional features, but if your intention is to have a pixel-perfect design, Shapely is designed for store owners like you. This theme doesn’t have a heavy page builder, but it has plenty of Customizer options using which you can customize your online store.

16. Dream Center:

It has been specially designed and created with the fashion stores in mind, but anyone can use the theme. With the ease of buying for customers and many other functionalities, it is a great addition to your online store. Here are some of the other niches which exclusively use Dream Center for its eCommerce store: Manufacturing products, Books, Electronics, Fitness products, Pet products and accessories, etc.

17. Fortune Bright:

It is an addition to the Fortune BigCommerce templates. While it is a minimalistic theme, if you want to showcase your products, then Fortune Bright is a great choice. Let’s say you have two or three main products, you can use a rotating carousel on top of the home page, have refined product cards that come along with the quick look feature, responsive design, featured product cards on the homepage, and more.

18. Vault Natural:

One of the greatest advantages of Vault Natural is that you can add additional text, banner, and a bunch of other functionalities without having to modify code. Its in-built feature allows you to change nearly every element on your website. If your website has large menus, then the Vault Natural is a smart addition as a theme. It can be used in the following niches: Home furnishings, Health and Beauty, Video Games, Mobile, Toys, Food & Beverage, Sports and recreation, etc.

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Apart from offering free themes, BigCommerce has a variety of apps that help you manage your store. The 18 free BigCommece themes that we have mentioned here can be the theme that makes all the difference to your online store. BigCommerce provides you with all the ammo that is required to run a successful online store.

Before choosing your BigCommerce theme, ensure that you are aware of everything that you need to make your store fully functional and search for the theme that offers you everything that you need.

If you are already using a BigCommerce theme, let us know how it has helped you with your online store. Are you looking for additional functionality in the theme you are using right now, if so, what is that? Please let us know in the comments section.