Written by: Sarah Babra

Top 5 BigCommerce Apps To Boost Conversions

If you are looking for free BigCommerce themes, you are in the right place. These themes will help you get good at your eCommerce game.

Did you know that eCommerce sales are expected to cross $740 billion by 2023 in the US alone? The change in online purchasing behavior can be attributed to smartphones, mobile shopping, revolutionary technology, social media, and the emergence of social commerce. BigCommerce is one of the biggest enablers in the online shopping ecosystem. With more than $25 billion in online sales since its inception in 2009, it empowers a community of merchants across the world to live a better life.

If you run an online store, it is a given that you would have one question on your mind-“How can I improve my sales?”. All you need is an eclectic set of apps that are already available on the BigCommerce store. While BigCommerce’s standalone functionalities itself is powerful enough to help eCommerce brands to sell their products, you should also be constantly on the lookout to increase your sales with the help of more apps.

If you are looking to be at the top of your game, we understand that you need a more powerful arsenal. Thankfully, BigCommerce allows for integration with many apps to increase your earnings

Here are 5 of the biggest BigCommerce apps that help to boost conversions:

1. Constant Contact:

Email marketing is powerful and will stay that way because there is no other channel that offers a $38 ROI on each dollar spent. If you are running an eCommerce store, the first piece of advice that we would give you is to collect email IDs of potential customers who are on your site. With Constant Contact, you can use its built-in email templates using the drag-and-drop feature to collect emails.

With emails, you can keep your customers in the loop for any kind of information that you would like to pass. Let it be promoting your latest products, offering them a chance to be a part of your loyalty program, or sending confirmation emails.

Here are some of the features that make Constant Contact one of the best apps to increase conversions:

  • Constant Contact’s email marketing automation helps to keep your users engaged, build relationships, and drive sales.
  • It makes social marketing easy by scheduling your content, optimizing your social ads, and has a detailed analytics dashboard.
  • Manages your contact list with ease
  • Real-time tracking tools that will help you understand the results and create better campaigns in the future.
  • Has powerful trigger automation based on the visitor’s actions

2. LiveChat:

Visitors on your website are more likely to buy when their queries are solved immediately. Having a tool that allows customers to engage with your business on your website in real-time will boost conversion rates. Remember, your customers are looking to have a smooth experience without having to take a lot of effort; they would rather go somewhere where there will be immediate resolutions for their query.

For your potential customers, if they think that they are being made to wait for a long time, they will go to your competitor. As an eCommerce website owner, you do not even want to lose a single customer. With a tool like LiveChat, you can instantly respond to your customers and guide them to choose a product that they like.

Here are some of the key features of LiveChat:

  • You can see in real-time the text that is being typed on the chatbox even if they don’t send it.
  • Transfer chats to different agents when necessary
  • Share files with customers
  • It will speed up your customer service and increase sales
  • Chat with several customers at the same time and reduce your spending on customer service agents
  • Add instant credibility by being available for your potential customers.

3. QuickBooks Online:

Considered as one of the most efficient accounting software in the market, QuickBooks saves you hundreds of hours of time and effort. Trying to do accounting on your own can result in errors that might be difficult to revoke. Use QuickBooks Online with QuickBooks Payment; you can connect your business bank accounts and credit cards to sync up with the software.

With QuickBooks, all you need to do is integrate the app with your BigCommerce store. It will do its job in the background without any interaction whatsoever by accurately recording sales income, discounts, shipping, tax, refunds, etc.

Here are some of the key features of QuickBooks:

  • It automatically syncs all the transactions from your BigCommerce store to QuickBooks Online.
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Manages sales and income by creating invoices to track sales
  • It has a payroll function which automatically calculates and runs payroll as necessary
  • Automatic tracking and updating of delivery for each transaction

4. 99minds:

A successful business is one that has loyal customers, and that’s where lies the moolah. Earning the loyalty of customers takes a lot of effort in the real-world. But in the online world, apart from having a good strategy, you also need a kick-ass tool that helps drive more customers while increasing retention rates. With 99minds.io, you can run campaigns that are customized to the interests of each user.

By adopting a customer loyalty program like 99minds, you will not only let the existing customer stay for a longer period; you will also be getting new customers. You can use a variety of loyalty boosting-features like coupon codes, discount codes, referrals, gift cards, gamification, etc. to capture the attention of potential customers.

Here are the benefits of using 99minds.io:

  • Uses data-driven promotional programs
  • Automate your entire loyalty program with 99minds’ features
  • Reward programs help you engage with the existing customers
  • Referral programs increase conversions
  • Provides an omnichannel customer experience
  • Increase conversions with dynamic bundling and automatic bundling

5. Yotpo reviews:

There is nothing that has more currency than the recommendation of a good friend. On the Internet, when a potential customer of yours sees hundreds of positive comments about your product, his/her interest to buy from you is validated. This is exactly why customer reviews are so important in this time and age. Social proof is not a luxury anymore; it is your most powerful type of content during the ‘Decision’ stage of the customer journey.

Have you noticed that any well-designed website has a testimonial section from its clients on the Home page itself? That’s how crucial reviews are to drive sales and increase conversions. Unless you are a well-known name in the industry, people are not sure about the authenticity of your company or the utility of your product. Reading reviews of people like themselves offers them hope and establishes trust.

Here are some of the benefits of Yotpo Reviews:

  • It has a variety of marketing features like social media ads, SEO functionalities, retention, etc.
  • Customer reviews can be sent through any device using forms
  • Create an engaged community of users
  • Create a Q&A section
  • Reply to comments easily.


The five apps that we have spoken about in detail are some of the best applications that you can use to increase your conversion rate. There are many other BigCommerce apps that make your life easier by bringing in more sales. Jumpstart your business using the right tools based on the kind of audience you have, the product you sell, and other factors that make business sense to you.

Tell us about some of the other BigCommerce apps that you have used, which has given you amazing returns. I would love to hear it from you.