Using Your Social Media Accounts to Sell More Gift Cards

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What do you think people do most of the time using their smartphones? … Do they play Games? Browse the Internet? Read News? Or Listen to Music?

In reality, people spend the majority of their time on social media apps, it represents more than 50% of the time spent on mobile.

Thus, Social Media is the greatest medium to promote or sell any products, services, or even Gift Cards. It is a vast ocean with an endless amount of content and ideas. It is omnipresent and is utilized by 60.99% of the world’s population.

Selling a gift card to such a massive audience would take time to think, good strategy, and, of course, awareness of social media. You may need to know about the various strengths of each platform, as well as the appropriate tactics to adopt.

So here’s how you can use social media to sell more gift cards:

To finally begin, create eGift Cards

As per studies, 60% of all gift cards bought are digital. You’ll need to create a digital gift card with the help of software before you can start selling your gift card on social media.

This allows you to immediately begin selling eGift cards in just a few clicks, as well as gives users customizable gift cards to which they can add their own photos, videos, or any other creative design.

Make people aware that you provide gift cards

Ensure that all of your followers are aware that you sell gift cards. Make organic posts to increase visitors and provide fast purchasing options.

Then, post on your Social accounts, let people know that you are selling gift cards and they can purchase them to help support your business.

-Use posts and stories to spread the news about your gift cards.

-Run quizzes on the Facebook app, Instagram stories, and other activities such as Post-a-Picture, Comment to Win, and so on.

This way you can engage with your audience and increase attention to your profile.

-Start creating eye-catching ads for social platforms with high-quality, royalty-free photos from iStockPhoto and displaying a gift card, and use them to create your own images and ads.

Leverage your social media to encourage customers to purchase gift cards by:

  • Giving a gift card to the most social person on your page
  • Running a gift card giveaway promotion.
  • Running a photo or writing contest
  • Create a unique hashtag for your giveaway.
  • Promoting all the new design launches, exciting deals, and offers on gift cards.
  • Vary your contests and giveaways to attract different customer demographics.

Get the most out of Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with 2.9 billion monthly active users, while Instagram comes in fourth with 2 billion monthly active users. These are the top social media platforms for popularity and connection.

Both companies stepped up to help small businesses by promoting gift cards through their social media accounts. You may link your gift card to your Facebook Page and Instagram profile with a button.

You can modify the call to action button on your Facebook page to “Purchase Gift Card” by editing it. And here are some instructions for adding a gift card to your Instagram profile.

To build an active Social Media presence, post on a regular basis. Share creative photos of gift card sales on Facebook and Instagram, along with a link to purchase a gift card of your brand.

For example, if you have a restaurant, you can share mouth-watering food pictures on your Facebook Page and a link to purchase gift cards. And Create an Instagram story that highlights the preparation of one of the delicious foods and includes a “Gift Cards” sticker that customers could tap to purchase gift cards.

You can use posts to tell people about your company’s products and services, and then encourage them to support you by purchasing gift cards. These networks are ideal for promoting your brand’s gift cards and cultivating a fan base.

Keep in touch with loyal internet customers

People want to know how they can help their favorite local brands. Let them know that they could help your company by purchasing gift cards. Create a personalized Messenger or DM greeting that informs people that they can help your company by purchasing a gift card.

To establish and engage your community, respond to comments on posts on a regular basis. You can thank customers or ask follow-up questions in response to their comments.

Replying to customer comments and direct messages shows that they are important to you. Each of these friendly experiences contributes to the development of new and repeat clients.

Use social media referral marketing as well

Make use of your followers to reach out to new customers. Request your followers to share your gift card sticker on their stories in exchange for a gift card. As a result, you will be able to reach out to new people and earn new followers.

Give discounts on gift cards for sale. The option to charge people a lower price than the gift card’s actual value is a nice approach to encourage them to buy more.

Instead of loyalty points or coupons, reward your customers with gift cards for writing feedback, sharing shopping experiences, etc on social media

. Use these ideas to promote gift cards on social media and to sell more. Presently, social media is everywhere, and anybody can be a friend or offer support. However, staying active on every social site is not needed. Instead, spend time where the majority of your customers are.