Ways to Boost Sales this Mother’s Day

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There are nearly two billion mothers in the world, with 85 million in the United States. In just a few weeks, 84 percent of Americans will be giving gifts to their moms and would spend over $28 billion on Mother’s Day gifts.

Every year, we get the chance to honour our mothers, their motherhood, and their influence on the world. She must be honored daily, but it’s a special occasion to recognize our mothers’ efforts and sacrifices.

After Christmas, Mother’s Day is the second biggest gift-giving occasion. These types of celebrations are perfect for giving your business an uplift. It is a wonderful opportunity for many companies to generate new sales.

Every holiday brings a fresh action plan that could help you reach a larger audience. Here are some ways for boosting Mother’s Day sales:

Design Interesting Mother’s Day Content

Marketers understand that adding extra value to customers is essential for brand awareness. You can accomplish it by providing useful content around Mother’s Day, but it shouldn’t be interpreted as a sales strategy.

Brands should be more expressive by sharing more pictures and videos on social media to raise the interaction rate. Share simple recipes for youths to surprise their mothers, make videos about how to make DIY gifts or write a poem, or design a unique Mother’s Day card, etc., and the rest is up to your creativity.

Create a gift guide for people who are unsure what to get for Mother’s Day this will allows them to shop by budget, interest, and product category. For example, Amazon has a separate Mother’s Day Gift shop page which features the most suitable products for mothers.

Make products that are most relatable to mothers more visible on your website or app it’ll be an easy way to boost earnings.

Encourage User-Generated Content on Social Media

While everyone loves to share their pics with their moms, why don’t you take the benefit of the celebration and let your audience share their mom-centric memories via your Facebook or Instagram page?

Ask customers to share heart-warming stories or photos about their moms and also invite your followers to contribute memories using your brand’s hashtag.

This would help in increasing brand recognition and promoting your Mother’s Day campaign. Choose the top stories, photos, or videos, and offer consumers rewards in the form of your company’s products or GiftCards.

For Example – If you sell clothing items, ask for photos of your customer’s moms wearing your brand’s stuff to use as product models. This type of content not only shows how your product may be used in real life for Mother’s Day, but it also encourages customers to be creative with their own style.

Mother’s Day Specials

Almost all websites and online retailers will provide unique discounts and deals; make your store stand out by including extra freebies in addition to the main product.

Nothing motivates customers to purchase more than a free gift. After a purchase amount exceeds a certain point, add a gift from a Mother’s Day gift hub page.

Free shipping can also influence a customer’s choice to make a purchase. Inform customers that, in celebration of Mother’s Day, they will receive free shipping on a selected set of products.

Make your offers more reasonable by using discount coupons. Include an extra incentive in whatever you do to help highlight essential things you want people to acquire.

Team up with mother’s day trendy businesses

During Mother’s Day, the most popular things sold to people are jewelry, perfumes, flowers, gift cards, and so on. So, connect with brands that specialize in these areas of the business to increase your profitability.

Jewelry, special outings, and flowers generate $5.27 billion, $4.07 billion, and $2.56 billion in revenue respectively. Also, throughout the year, Mother’s Day is the day when the most flowers are sold.

Partner with local or any type of businesses that generate a lot of business on Mother’s Day like Jewelry stores, flower shops, cafes, salons, etc. And send them free GiftCards to distribute to their customers, which will ideally generate traffic to your site. For both sides, this will result in a win-win situation.

For example, if a consumer brings in a receipt from a florist, you can give them a discount on your products or services. In exchange, the florist also gives discounts or $10, $20, or $50 gift cards to their customers for your business.

Mother’s Day GiftCard

After greeting cards and flowers, gift cards are the most sold items on mother’s day. This Mother’s Day, 45 % of American consumers want to buy Gift Cards for their mothers. It is possible that a total of $2.5 billion will be spent this year!

A heartfelt and personalized gift card theme or message that conveys what’s on your mind can be the ideal present for your mother. Children who live far away from their parents for education or any job are expected to buy an online gift.

So launching an online mother’s day gift card store can assist these people and buyers who are confused about what to gift their mothers and as well as provide great relief for last-minute buyers.

Good luck with your sales!

Whether online or in-person, people want to pay tribute to their mothers, aunts, and other maternal personalities in some way.

Mother’s Day has great potential, from coming up with new ideas to taking your offerings online there are various strategies for your business to stay active throughout the month to improve sales right away while also building brand loyalty.