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Why You Should Use Gift Cards As Your Halloween Treats

Halloween is only a few weeks away. The Holiday period is a joyful and exciting time for many people to dress up, pretend to be someone else, and gather mountains of candy. It's an opportunity for business owners and marketers to re-engage with customers and develop a marketing strategy that produces excitement and sales. The.

Halloween is only a few weeks away. The Holiday period is a joyful and exciting time for many people to dress up, pretend to be someone else, and gather mountains of candy. It’s an opportunity for business owners and marketers to re-engage with customers and develop a marketing strategy that produces excitement and sales.

The holiday season is the ideal time to reach out to your target audience and provide them with new and interesting methods to interact with your company. Halloween is a nine-billion-dollar industry, according to the National Retail Federation.

Consumers are willing to spend more money on gifts, parties, and celebrations, making Halloween the ideal time for e-commerce to develop gift card marketing strategy.

Gift cards are a popular choice among Halloween buyers because of their versatility.

Consumers are using gift cards more this year for a variety of reasons. First, COVID-19 has caused many families to cut back on travel and forego in-person Halloween celebrations. Gift cards are a convenient method to purchase a gift for someone who is unable to see you.

People are more thoughtful about choosing practical gifts and gifts that allow the recipient to pamper themselves during times of economic duress, such as the current economic climate. People like the flexibility, personalization, and practicality that gift cards provide.

Gift cards are also among the most popular holiday gifts among employees, with 82 % indicating they would prefer to get a gift card from their company as a Halloween gift. They like the ability to regift, as well as the fact that they can be presented physically or online. Employers can show their gratitude for their employees by using digital gift cards.

Another notable development this Holiday season is that gift cards are being used more than ever before. More than half of those surveyed (52%) indicated they are more likely to buy gift cards this holiday season than in prior years. Furthermore, surveyed consumers plan to spend an average of $313 on gift cards this year, up 19 percent from last year’s average of $262.

In this article, we’ll go over why treating gift cards this Halloween will improve your e-commerce business in the long run.

  1. For Last-Minute Shoppers, Gift Cards Are The Perfect Choice.

When it comes to holiday shopping, not everyone will start this month. In fact, many people will hold off until the holiday season begins. Gift cards are like a dream come true for last-minute buyers. You’ll make the last-minute shopper in your consumer base extremely pleased this month if you provide gift cards as Halloween goodies. You can always count on 99minds to help you with personalized holiday promotions. 99minds can help you create loyalty programmes and location-based promotions.

  1. Gift cards ensure that new customers are attracted to your business.

Gift cards might help your company reach out to consumers who might not have visited your store otherwise. Customers who already know and love your company will buy gift cards for their friends, increasing your customer base. And what better time to attract new clients than during the Halloween season?

You can also send gift cards when asked to give to a local fundraising event. Giving a gift card rather than a commodity or service allows the recipient to use their prize and maybe spend more money. Giving fundraisers gift cards raises company exposure and develops a reputation as a community-minded business owner.

  1. Brand Awareness is Boosted with Gift Cards.

Another advantage of gift cards is that they raise brand awareness. It’s likely that the person getting the gift card has never heard of your company before. As a result, giving out gift cards during the Halloween season will help you increase brand exposure.

With a gift card, they may check out your products and have a deeper understanding of your company. If the receiver enjoys what you have to offer, there’s a good possibility he or she will buy a similar gift card for a friend or family member, increasing your brand recognition. The gift card with your branding on it draws attention to your company. Gift cards can also be sent from anywhere in the world, giving your company a global reach.

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  1. Customer loyalty can be increased through the use of gift cards.

Gift cards also help you earn consumer loyalty. It’s critical to acquire customers’ loyalty in order to keep them devoted to your company in the long run. And you can only earn their devotion if you keep them happy and satisfied. Giving gift cards to your customers over the Halloween season can maximize their happiness.

In the case of consumers who have had a negative experience with your items or who need to conduct a return or refund, a gift card can make things easier and help you retain clients, enhancing customer retention.

  1. eCommerce Gift Cards Act as a Catalyst for Holiday Sales.

The holiday season is also a time when eCommerce businesses witness a surge in sales. Gift cards are also a terrific way for all types of businesses to keep their holiday sales spirits high.

From gym and spa memberships to restaurant and club memberships, gift cards make the holidays brighter for everyone. Gift cards, which are not limited to memberships, are the greatest option for last-minute shoppers and women on a shopping frenzy.

Because gift cards are so popular, they play an important role in boosting Halloween sales.

  1. Refunds, returns, and exchanges are all made simple with a Gift Card over the holiday season.

Despite the fact that sales spike throughout the holidays and holiday seasons. However, the harsh reality is that the same companies frequently encounter a slew of return/refund demands.

There could be a variety of reasons for postseason refund/return requests, but how businesses can use this as a time to reboot their customers and make a fair deal for themselves is something to think about.

And it’s here that the gift cards are checked in. To turn return requests into sales opportunities, provide your consumers a gift card with a similar value as the return, as well as a personalised apologetic note, so they feel empathy for you and your company.

  1. Gift cards make it simple to find the perfect holiday gift.

Don’t you want customers to come to your store for their holiday shopping? Offering gift cards in tiny denominations to your clients is a great idea for Halloween. It will entice customers to come back to your store in the months following Halloween to complete their holiday shopping. Online buying is made much easier with gift cards.

Most websites and merchants allow you to buy gift cards online and send them to the recipient, which means the recipient won’t have to leave their house to use it. When your recipient makes a purchase, all they have to do is enter the card number and it’s done. All they have to do now is relax and wait for the delivery man to arrive.

  1. Shoppers can save time and money by using gift cards.

Gift cards are the ideal treats since they are appreciated by both the receivers and the giver. Gift cards make life so much easier for shoppers. You can budget a dollar amount for each card if you’re buying gifts for a large number of people, such as a dozen or more nieces and nephews.

This also avoids squabbles over which cousin received the better gift because everyone receives the same amount of money, and it saves you time shopping for each person. Furthermore, even if you receive a gift receipt, returning gift items can be a hassle, especially after the holidays when customer service lines are backed up to the store’s entrance.