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Why your business needs Gift Cards this Valentine’s

Finding a romantic partner is one of the most fulfilling events of our lives. All of us want to wake up next to someone we love. It is the season of love- Valentine’s Day. Fine dining restaurants will be busier than usual. Businesses that sell related merch will have a wonderful time selling more than

Finding a romantic partner is one of the most fulfilling events of our lives. All of us want to wake up next to someone we love. It is the season of love- Valentine’s Day. Fine dining restaurants will be busier than usual. Businesses that sell related merch will have a wonderful time selling more than usual. There will be a lot of events and activities targeting those who are in love.

After all the hullabaloo with New Year celebrations gets over, all of us are brought back to reality with a thud. Valentine’s day, which falls on February 14th, is one of the first such days that brightens the year after the initial lull. It is a great time for eCommerce retailers because many lovestruck shoppers will wander their stores to profess their love for their special someone with a gift.

The first few months of every year are considered an ‘off-season’ because there is too much activity, and most people want to rest. This is where Valentine’s day comes like a whiff of fresh air, especially for retailers. It is wise to have a marketing plan in place to get the most out of this celebration of love.

When the shopping frenzy starts, there is a lot of confusion among the shoppers as well. Why? Because the pressure of gifting something right is high. They will never hear the end of it from their partners if the gift wasn’t good or up to their expectations.

For those who are not sure about what product to gift, gift cards are an ideal solution. The stakes are even higher than Christmas and New Year’s, isn’t it? Gift cards are a great solution for loved ones and also a favorite marketing tool for retailers. With a gift card, your loved one has the option to choose a product that they love and were looking forward to having.

Online businesses are hitting the roof with their sales, now is a good time to introduce gift cards, if you haven’t already. Make sure that you invest a lot of resources to promote Valentine’s day-themed gift cards.

From fast-food eateries, retail stores, wellness centers, salons, etc., almost every retailer is a potential place for selling Valentine’s day gift cards. Partners these days have various options and are always looking out for something special that will show how much they love the other person.

Why does your eCommerce store need gift cards this Valentine’s day?

1. Upfront cash:

One of the biggest motivators for every retailer out there is that your inventory is still intact when you sell a gift card. The recipient of the gift card will use up the amount in the card at a later time; sometimes, they don’t even use the card. All you need to do is send an email with the gift card code or a physical gift card for the exchange of money. Isn’t that fascinating?

2. Opens you to new customers:

More often than not, the recipients of your gift card will be people who might not be a customer of yours. In cases like this, you have an opportunity to show them a fantastic experience so that they will come again and again. If you can provide them a great time and offer products that are to their liking, they will also become a part of your inner circle of customers. You can induct them into your loyalty programs and continue the same cycle.

3. Increase your sales:

You can even use gift cards as a promotional tool, thereby increasing sales in your store. When the gift card recipient walks into your store, they are likely to purchase more than the value mentioned in the gift card.

4. Get more loyal customers:

Offer a special set of gift cards for your loyal customers. Have you been wanting to induct some of your old customers into your loyalty program? Here’s what you can do, regardless of them walking into your store or not, create a special series of gift cards exclusively for them, and let it be a case of you appreciating them for trusting you with their patronage over all these years.

5. Promote Valentine-themed gift cards:

Let’s say you create Valentine-themed gift cards and make physical copies of your customers’ same. Even after they spend the card’s money, the recipient will keep the card with themselves, as a souvenir. But please do mention that the gift card will be valid just like any other card during the purchase. A lot of customers assume that themed gift cards are valid only during the festival.

Which type of businesses should offer gift cards for Valentine’s day?

As we had mentioned earlier, a variety of businesses will leverage gift cards during Valentine’s day. Movie theatres are a great destination to hand over gift cards or promote them for another business. You could ask the movie theatre owners to cross-promote your brand to give your brand’s gift card with a little bit of money added to it, just for a few customers. Since many people walk in every day, your brand will grab a lot of attention.

Gift cards from the following types of businesses would work perfectly well for its clientele. Fine dining restaurants, a day at a resort, salons, spa membership, etc.

What can businesses do to increase the sale of their Valentine’s day gift cards:

    1. Inform about your gift cards:

    Let your customers know that you have Valentine’s day-themed gift cards. The best way to reach your existing customers is through email marketing. Don’t forget to offer discounts to those on your email list. It will certainly increase the chances of them visiting your shop and making a purchase.

    2. Create gift guides:

    We all know finding the perfect gift is difficult, which is exactly why gift cards are so popular. Create a gifting guide where you offer strategies that anyone can use to get the right gift for someone they love. Offer some creative ideas for your customers and make sure that the guides you sell are filled with products you sell.


The gift cards that you offer should give them a superior experience. Ensure that there is no friction at any point during this process, especially since it is the season of love. Why not leverage St.Valentine’s day to start a giveaway and use the special occasion to bring more people in. It will also be helpful to collect valuable customer information for further lead generation.

If you were looking for an opportunity to increase your retail store’s sales, there is no better time. Use your brand’s gift cards to get the most possible from Valentine’s day celebrations.