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Birdsnest boosts revenue with 99minds

Birdsnest Migrates to ConnectPOS with 99minds to Enhance Omnichannel Experience

Birdsnest goes for 99minds for their gift cards program
Birdsnest with 99minds for gift cards


At Birdnest ,We want your experience to be like shopping with your flock. A place where we can help solve your wardrobe dilemmas or just have fun indulging in some retail therapy! It all began when founder and ‘Big bird’, Jane Cay, fell in love with a farmer named Oli and married in 2000, and her dreams of running her very own online store from the country started to become a reality. Jane’s vision was to provide something unique and inspire confidence in women like no other online store had yet delivered and it had to look world class. So, in combining her love for fashion, IT and all things girly - Birdsnest was born.

Over 85,000 women have told us about their body shape, favorite colors, their lifestyle and other elements that are important to them in creating the perfect wardrobe. We have responded by designing nine of our very own in-house labels or ‘bird brands’ to address those needs. Our range now consists of a mix of our exclusive styles and carefully curated pieces from our favorite brands and suppliers which we hope you’ll love.


Being a major clothing brand with multiple sub-brands, we encountered hurdles in providing gift cards on our Omni-channel platform, especially considering the large volume of visitors we attracted on our online and multiple offline outlets.

The gift card program was facing challenges both online and in-store due to compatibility issues between our Legacy POS system and BigCommerce. Despite efforts to make it work, the systems just weren't communicating effectively. Due to this issue we came to a stop and were unable to figure out how to launch a diversified yet easy to manage gift card program for the omnichannel ecommerce setup.

We sought a vendor who could offer us a quick solution by aiding in providing a successful connection between our e-commerce platform and the Point of Sales System which we know would be tailored to our specific needs, to implement and maintain a comprehensive gift card program that catered to both our brand and our diverse omnichannel customer base.


  1. Point of Sales Migration (LegacyPOS to ConnectPOS)

    Our outdated Legacy POS system was causing significant operational challenges with our E-commerce platform BigCommerce which was a roadblock for setting up and running our online and instore gift card program, that not only hampered our efficiency but also led to a drop in our revenue.

    Recognizing the urgency of the situation, 99Minds swiftly stepped in to address these issues and provided a seamless migration solution, “ConnectPOS”, which not only resolved our existing problems but also positioned us for future growth and in being able to successfully add gifting options to our Omni-channel store.

  2. Setting Up ConnectPOS System

    Connecting a new Point of Sales System,we knew we would face significant challenges in the transition process making it very hard to migrate the data and integrate new features to our existing systems. We knew we needed a vendor who would not only make the transition seamless but also assist us in post transition issues.

    Leveraging their expertise and innovative solutions, 99Minds provided invaluable support in seamlessly connecting our new POS system(ConnectPOS). The 99Minds teams comprehensive approach not only addressed our major BigCommerce to POS connectivity issues but also helped in optimizing our gift card program operational efficiency which enhanced the overall customer experience.

  3. OmniChannel Gift Card Setup

    The challenge we faced while having an Omnichannel setup was making it hard to diversify our gift card campaign due to having an online POS channel with multiple offline stores. 99Minds understood our issues and worked very closely and implemented a set of solutions seamlessly allowing us to manage the campaign under their dashboard.

    Thanks to the amazing features which allowed us to keep a track of the online aswell as offline sales of our giftcards through easy and accessible reports Due to their expertise, our omnichannel gift card program is now running smoothly across all channels, providing a seamless shopping experience for our customers.

Technology Stack :

  • 99Minds Gift Card Payment API
  • Bigcommerce API
  • ConnectPOS Sales System
  • Point of Sales Migration(ConnectPOS)

"I cannot express enough how invaluable 99Minds has been to our business. Their expertise and support were instrumental in helping us in migration of our POS System to connect to our BigCommerce Platform and help launch and scale our gift card program seamlessly across our online and in all of our stores globally."

- Margee Paris, E-Commerce Manager, Birdsnest

E-Commerce Manager at Birdsnest shares experience with 99minds


Utilizing 99minds for our program implementation not only accelerated our gift card program launch, significantly reducing time constraints, but also showcased an exceptional responsiveness to our tailored demands. Their flexibility and eagerness to accommodate our distinct requirements highlighted their dedication to acting as genuine collaborators throughout the entire endeavor.

The swift assistance we received from the team not only resulted in a remarkable increase in both our online and offline revenue, but also demonstrated an outstanding responsiveness to our specific needs with their round-the-clock support team. Additionally, the integration of the new ConnectPOS point of sale system seamlessly complemented our operations which were earlier looking impossible to go around and about, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our gift card program.