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Solstice Sunglasses launches omni-channel gift cards

99minds Joins Forces with Solstice Sunglasses to Generate Over $300K in Revenue through Omnichannel Gift Card Sales!

Solstice Sunglasses sets up 99minds gift cards and loyalty program
Solstice Sunglasses generate $330K with 99minds


Solstice Sunglasses stands as a premier retailer of high-end and performance sunglasses, showcasing an array of top-tier luxury eyewear brands including Gucci, Armani, Dior, Oakley, Hugo Boss, Prada, and more.

With a vast online inventory boasting over a thousand eyewear selections and a network of over 160 upscale retail outlets across the United States, Solstice Sunglasses offers an unparalleled retail venture for individuals seeking luxury, designer, and athletic sunglasses, accompanied by exemplary service and sophistication. Solstice Sunglasses prides itself on its thorough product knowledge, ensuring an exceptionally positive shopping encounter for every customer.


As a leading luxury sunglasses brand with various brands onboard offering a wide selection of multiple categories, Solstice Sunglasses encountered substantial hurdles in offering a tailored gift cards program on their online and offline platform amidst a high influx of visitors. They sought a strategic partner to effectively implement and sustain a dynamic gift card program directed to meet the diverse needs of both the brand and its discerning customer base.

We needed a partner who would not only set up the program for us but assist in promoting through our online E-commerce channel Shopify and our 10+ offline stores.


  1. Shopify API Integration

    We were in search of a vendor who could swiftly adapt to our Shopify sales channel without taking much time to setup and develop the integration. "99minds" provided a premade API which was perfectly compatible with our Shopify platform, complemented by a user-friendly portal to kickstart the program as integrations seamlessly fell into place.

  2. Multibrand GiftCard Program Management

    Our main goal was to provide gift cards for multiple occasions for multiple different sunglass brands, for which we needed a vendor who would help in setting up separate campaigns for each of them, but other vendors had limited offerings, necessitating manual tracking and reporting.

    S"99minds" provided a comprehensive suite of tools through their dashboard making it extremely easy and hassle free to manage the program efficiently. They offered different campaigns, enabling swift setup and easy data management via their prompt reporting options.

  3. Digital and Physical Cards

    When looking at our vendors, we wanted the ability to support digital and physical cards as we are an offline and online business widely spread worldwide. We had a good surplus of cards that we were still using in our stores and online. “99minds” provided the ability to import our existing cards into the program. This allowed us to move quickly from our older service and move forward solely with “99minds”.

    Their Seamless Shopify API allowed us to select between Physical or Digital giving our customers a choice for the program. They also offered a “Sell as a gift” feature. The platform has multiple integrations like partnerships with Klaviyo allow our marketing team to customize our message for our customers.

Technology Stack :

  • 99Minds Gift Card Payment API
  • Shopify API
  • LegacyPOS Sales System
  • Klaviyo Integration

Thanks to 99Minds, we've been able to enhance our customer experience and drive substantial growth for our brand just within three months of implementing the 99Minds Gift Card & Loyalty Pro solution, we experienced an unprecedented surge in revenue. Their innovative platform not only streamlined our gift card operations but also significantly boosted our sales in multiples, leading to record-breaking results.

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Solstice Sunglasses shares experience with 99minds


Integrating with 99minds not only accelerated the sale of our giftcards increasing our online and offline revenue in multiples, but also showcased an exceptional responsiveness to our distinct needs through a 24x7 available support team.

Their flexibility and eagerness to accommodate our unique requirements highlighted their dedication to acting as genuine collaborators throughout the process, particularly in integrating and managing the setup for our Shopify store as well as in providing substantial design customisations for different occasions for our online and offline giftcards.