99minds and Omnisend integration

99minds integrates with Omnisend

99minds collaborates with Omnisend to boost your ROI from email and SMS by leveraging dynamic and bulk loyalty and gift card initiatives.
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Why 99minds andOmnisend

Happy customers stick around and our app knows it.Satisfied customers are loyal, and our app will keep them that way. Picture your top customers—now think about keeping them continuously happy. This is where our app and Omnisend step in. Repeat customers are 50% more inclined to test new products and spend 31% more on each purchase compared to new ones.
By using 99minds and Omnisend in tandem, you can craft segmented audiences to drive extensive gift card campaigns and highly personalized email and SMS strategies that engage and incentivize your most dedicated customers.

When Loyalty data meets communication


Higher customer lifetime value from loyalty members


Higher average order value


Increase in revenue during peak loyalty promotion

99minds - Omnisend benefits

Advanced personalization and refined segmentation

72% of consumers interact exclusively with brands that offer tailored messaging. Utilize 99minds' insights to categorize your customers into groups such as loyal, at-risk, or those requiring re-engagement. Formulate customized segments based on factors like point balances or VIP levels linked to loyalty and gift cards. Target these specific groups with special product promotions through mass emails or texts.


To ensure the next purchase, it's crucial to connect with the right customers using appropriate content at the optimal time. By integrating 99minds with Omnisend, you can dispatch personalized emails and texts in response to specific customer actions. Observe the purchasing patterns of your loyalty program members and set up trigger-based emails and texts to enhance win-back and retention efforts. For instance, establish a trigger for customers who haven't shopped in your store for two months, and then automatically send them messages about available rewards or gift cards to encourage their return.

Streamline your referral strategy by leveraging loyalty data

Customers acquired through referrals spend 200% more than those acquired via other channels. Using 99minds and Omnisend together, you can encourage customers to refer a friend via email and SMS with seamlessly

Distribute event-driven
and promotional bulk gift cards through Omnisend

Connect with customers at critical moments by delivering personalized gift card promotions and loyalty rewards. Whether you're reactivating dormant customers or acknowledging their milestones, our integration with Omnisend ensures you provide timely incentives, which enhances retention and strengthens customer loyalty.

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