Written by: Mrudul

5 Tips For Promoting Father’s Day In Your Online Shop

Whether you believe it or not, Americans spent roughly $15 billion on Father's Day in 2020. Whether you believe it or not, Americans spent roughly $15 billion on Father's Day in 2020. Father's Day is around the corner, and it's the best time to step up your e-commerce game. If we look at historical data

Whether you believe it or not, Americans spent roughly $15 billion on Father’s Day in 2020

Whether you believe it or not, Americans spent roughly $15 billion on Father’s Day in 2020.

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s the best time to step up your e-commerce game. If we look at historical data, we can find that 75% of people celebrated Father’s Day last year, compared to only 25% who did not. The average estimated spending was $148.58, with a total of more than $15 billion predicted. In 2021, 75-76 percent of the US population is predicted to spend but with a greater sum, reaching $17 trillion. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and start planning your Father’s Day promotions right away… Take advantage of this golden opportunity!

So here are five tried-and-tested tips to help you promote your business.

Redefine your Social Media Game:

Use your social media platforms to engage with your audience more during the Father’s Day celebration. One effective technique is to establish a gamified raffle or contest that motivates users to participate and share. You’ll not only increase revenues by increasing website traffic, but you’ll also be able to collect new leads and increase consumer interaction with the brand. In the context of relationship marketing, the ultimate goal is to put your eCommerce business ahead of the competition. Make your online business their first pick for Father’s Day and any other occasion. This goal will be easier to attain if you can rely on the guidance of e-gift card strategists who can assist you with the facts you need to forecast your competitors’ actions and strategies.

Define, Target, and Enhance Conversions with Detailed Segments:

Consider making targeted Promotional Offers to your clients to improve your Father’s Day sales. Take, for example, gift guides. When it comes to choosing the right present for dad, everyone appreciates a little personal assistance. This is where expert eCommerce marketers may utilize Segmentation and Marketing Automation to develop a well-designed profile-based gift guide that highlights the finest gifts based on consumers’ likes and behaviors as defined by the individual consumer profile.

Provide a “Dad-Special” Package:

Examine your store’s inventory and make a list of things that would be ideal for a father’s gift. Create a bundle and offer it at a discount (the package price is less than the total of the individual item costs), or conduct a BOGO-free promotion. It’s a terrific method to encourage cross-selling while also allowing everyone in the family to contribute to a single purchase rather than buying separate gifts. Pro Tip – Consider rewarding customers with 99minds Gift Cards for spending on specific items if you have our Gift Card Program.

Free shipping can do wonders:

Free delivery offers will dominate this year’s Father’s Day eCommerce sales. This is because free delivery influences more than 75% of consumers’ purchasing decisions. At least 65% indicate they would suggest the store to a friend or family member if it offered free shipping. Given that the lack of free delivery is directly tied to 65 % of cart abandonment rates, it’s an essential aspect of closing the deal for online buyers. Stores that do offer free delivery are appealing to the large majority of customers who believe that purchasing for a Father’s Day present online should be just as easy as buying in-store and that fast, free shipping should be included to clinch the deal. So, this year, skip the shipping fees to boost your sales funnel.

Exclusive E-Gift Card for Father’s Day:

Online buyers will be hoping to obtain a discount on Father’s Day sales. To claim the discounted amount, create an exclusive e-gift card that is only valid for a limited time. This will generate a sense of urgency to shop, increasing sales as more customers visit your business to take advantage of the discounted price before it expires. To get the most traffic to your website, promote it everywhere. To have the task done rightly, you can use our gift cards.

Final Thoughts:

Father’s Day is less popular in terms of sales than Mother’s Day, but the event still offers a chance to have some fun with your campaign content. Consider how you may assist children in accessorizing or complementing Dad’s existing equipment, interests, or activities while they are actively gifting for him. It’s a good bet that many dads aren’t difficult to purchase for, and products that promote their bigger interests are a terrific way for your customers to remember Dad without breaking the budget.