Last Minute Christmas Marketing Checklist For Ecommerce

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Once again, it’s that time of year. The holiday season of Christmas is quickly approaching. Christmas is a fantastic time for your eCommerce firm to capitalise on the holiday season’s sales potential. Any eCommerce business owner, though, understands that the holidays aren’t just about shopping. Store proprietors are also highly busy.

If you’re in a highly competitive industry, you’re probably wondering how you’ll make your eCommerce store ready for the busiest season, especially if you haven’t taken any preparations. Advanced planning is critical for eCommerce store owners to ensure that valuable sales are not missed. I’ve included a few pointers below to assist you in preparing your online store for the holiday shopping frenzy.

  1. Use a variety of ways to sell your product.

There are numerous markets that can assist you in exposing your brand to your target demographic. You can sell your products on a variety of platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and comparison shopping engines like Google Products, Amazon Product Ads, and others, which internet customers frequently use to find excellent bargains.

Christmas is a wonderful event for both customers and business owners, so let’s make it one to remember. If you follow the steps outlined above, you can build an engaging and persuasive campaign that boosts sales. So, with this in mind, devise your most effective Christmas strategy. We’d love to hear from you if you’re doing anything special to prepare your eCommerce store for the holidays. In the comments section below, please share your thoughts and experiences.

  1. Provide free gift wrapping.

Customers are eager to buy gifts for their loved ones when Christmas approaches. As a result, we recoammend that you offer free gift wrapping on orders of a certain value. This will assist you in encouraging customers to purchase more products. This may persuade a buyer to add one more present to their cart in order to reach that goal. Your gift-wrapping services will save customers the time and effort of wrapping and mailing the items themselves. You can also provide a gift receipt to compete with this service. Customers can feel confidence in their purchases when they receive a gift receipt. Even if their gift isn’t exactly what the recipient desires, it can be exchanged for something else.

  1. Get into the spirit of the season.

Assume you’ve started sending out Christmas deals, emails, and discounts, as well as creating content. Customers may believe your website isn’t worth visiting if it doesn’t give them that particular Christmas holiday mood. For the Christmas holidays, your website should have an appealing banner, logo, and content. To attract visitors, make sure your homepage highlights your latest offers and discounts. Visitors will be more likely to spend if you decorate your site to make them feel like you’re offering something special for the holidays.

  1. Write holiday-themed blog posts.

Starting a blog on your holiday campaign, even if you haven’t planned it yet, is an excellent approach to grow it. It’s not enough to just decorate your store. You should also inform your customers that you are prepared for the Christmas season by blogging about it in an informative blog. Create material that is both informative and interesting for your target audience.

More and more clients are looking for inspiration and direction during the festival season. As a result, producing a blog about Christmas shopping tips and methods ahead of time is a smart idea. Additionally, promote your blog throughout all social media networks. As a result, your followers will be encouraged, and you will gain traffic, confidence, and possibly even spark some significant conversation.

  1. Give gift cards to your long-term customer.

Every consumer enjoys customised gifts, and sending a gift card to your regular customers would be greatly appreciated. This is the most effective technique to show your consumers how much you appreciate them. Although not all customers expect this from the companies or businesses where they purchase, sending them a gesture would be a nice touch. It can, however, assist you in establishing great customer service relationships that lead to improved sales. You may always reach out to 99minds to build a Christmas-themed gift card loyalty programme.

  1. Make a Christmas-themed social media post.

You probably know that social networking is a huge possibility for eCommerce company owners. In addition to Christmas holiday shopping, social media plays an important role. You may plan ahead of time for your post promotion or campaign by employing a social media tool. It would be good to create a Christmas content calendar with your blog post ideas and any other holiday-related content.

Take it a step further and plan your Christmas posts and ads ahead of time. You can effortlessly schedule all of your holiday posts across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms by using a social media management tool.

  1. Go over your previous data.

For a successful marketing effort, this is the most crucial phase. The first and most important stage in developing future holiday tactics is to review prior sales statistics. Begin by reviewing your prior data because it will assist you in developing a great marketing plan. If your social media marketing for Christmas last year was a success, now is an excellent time to refocus your last-minute Christmas marketing efforts. This year’s result could be improved if you optimise your past data. Furthermore, you must examine what did not work well and determine why that aspect of your marketing plan failed.

  1. Retarget users and clients who have previously visited your site.

Marketing emails are reported to have a 176 % higher conversion rate than social media platforms; nevertheless, with an open rate of roughly 10% for eCommerce emails, the Christmas rush risks the open rate sliding lower. The secret to a great Christmas email is not simply advertising your items, but rather telling deep-rooted stories that will leave your customers with a memorable and enjoyable experience. This can take the form of gamification within your emails to liven things up, offers such as free shipping, pre-Christmas delivery dates to ensure gift orders arrive on time, an email inviting customers to add favourite items to their cart to leave a ‘hint’ to family and friends, personalization in the form of gifts and personal discounts to your most loyal customers, gift cards, or running contests. Keep in mind that you don’t want to wait until the last minute to send these emails; you want to capture your consumers’ attention early on to not only raise awareness, but also to enhance conversions over the Christmas season.

  1. Seasonal SEO.

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google search results, but organically ranking high within the results can take months. In the near term, the holiday season allows you to catch and capitalise on the best time of year to drive site traffic, reducing your reliance on paid advertising while focusing on keywords that are unique to your brand and items.

Take some time to conduct seasonal keyword research to determine which terms stand out among various product categories, markets, geographic areas, and consumer types, and then optimise accordingly. With the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep these points of information up to date in order to stay current with the present situation as holiday shopping goes online globally, resulting in the rise of new demographics and customer kinds.

Last-minute decisions can make or break a game.

Based on current trends and previous campaigns, holiday planning allows you to properly figure out what techniques would perform best for your brand. To get the best results, don’t be scared to make changes on the fly. Sometimes it’s the tiniest detail that keeps you from achieving large sales conversions.

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